Essential oils are probably the first thing you think of when it comes to aromatherapy. However, absolute oils, often called absolutes, are also an important component. Like essential oils, they are extracted from various parts of plants, and they too are highly aromatic and are beneficial in numerous ways. However, because of their composition, they are not distilled. Instead, they are extracted by means of chemical solvents that are removed at the end of the extraction process. That being said, there is often a trace of solvent that remains. This makes ingestion of absolute oils unwise.

While they are retrieved from plants in what some might believe to be a harsher way, absolute oils should not be ignored or discounted by anyone who is interested in making aromatherapy a part of daily life. They are far too beautiful and aromatic to dismiss. The articles on this page will give you more information about these highly aromatic cousins of essential oils:

• How absolutes are used in aromatherapy applications.

• The safe use of absolutes.

• The attributes of violet leaf absolute oil.

• How to incorporate violet leaf absolute oil into your aromatherapy regimen.

• The attributes of vanilla absolute oil.

• How to incorporate vanilla absolute oil into your aromatherapy regimen.

• The attributes of tuberose absolute oil.

• How to incorporate tuberose absolute oil into your aromatherapy regimen.

Violet Leaf Absolute
Viola odorata

“A violet in the youth of primy nature, Forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting, The perfume and suppliance of a minute.” -Shakespeare “Hamlet”   Viola odorata Nostalgic and earthy, yet modern and floral, the aroma of violet leaf is a dream come...

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Vanilla Essential Oil (absolute)
Vanilla planifolia

  The sweet, alluring scent of vanilla is cherished and loved by the world. Most know it from its multiple culinary uses, frequently featured in desserts and considered the default flavor of sweet treats such as ice cream and cake. The use of vanilla...

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Tuberose absolute
Polianthes tuberosa

  When the moon rises in the hot, humid tropics of Central America, the scent of ecstasy fills the air. It is the fragrance of seduction and sensuality, an enticement to relax and let the heady aroma seep into your very soul. It is the potent allure...

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