Finding the Secrets to Your Universe Through Akashic Records

Imagine if there was a tome that contained all of the universe’s secrets, events, life forces, experiences, emotions, thoughts spirits and energies since the creation of the universe. What if you could access this “book”, learning what the universe has planned for your spirit and how to reach a higher state of consciousness and spirituality? That would be pretty amazing, right?

This is the concept behind the Akashic Records, an ephemeral astral light that has imprinted upon it the entirety of all human experience, on earth and in the universe. It’s not actually a new concept; dozens of religious philosophies include their own version of this idea. In Christianity, for example, the Book of Life is a similar concept.

This isn’t information that is only accessible to healers, philosophers, and religious leaders though. According to esoteric and Theosophic thought, this vital knowledge is available to anyone who reaches a certain level of consciousness. It is the ultimate pathway for clairvoyance.

Man reading in a library, a metaphor for accessing the akashic records

What is Akashic?

Sometimes it helps to know the origin of a concept, so we’ll give a brief overview of our current-day use of the term “Akashic”. The name relates to the ancient Sanskrit word “akasha”, meaning “ether” and the Hindi word for “heaven”. Akasha became part of the Western lexicon in the late 19th century through the writings of Alfred Percy Sinnett, who included a reference to the Buddhist concept of a “permanency of all records in Akasha”.

How Can You Grow From Accessing Akashic Records?

Each soul has a contract with the universe to bring about a more peaceful world. We also have “soul contracts” with others, according to Jennifer Kass. The Akashic records tell us what we need to know about those contracts, revealing our life’s purpose. This information can also help guide us in our health, relationships, careers and other important life events.

The universe’s plan for you isn’t set in concrete, though. You have the ability to change your course in this life. If for example, you see that the universe has you set on Path A but you want to follow a more enriching Path B, you can make that change. In all ways though, the Akashic records reveal your greatest potential and options. This is reassuring and motivating information to have when you’re contemplating a life change.

Sleeping dragon next to a book

How Do You Access Akashic Records?

The universe holds the destinies and purpose of each soul, rather like a library holds thousands of individual books. Your own personal Akashic record is in this “library”, but you also retain a copy of your own Akashic record. This means you have the power to access your own truth.

While you can visit a clairvoyant who can read your Akashic record, it’s possible to explore them on your own. There are many different ways to access this divine knowledge. Please remember that the enlightenment path is different for each person, so don’t be discouraged if a friend accessed their own Akashic record in a way that doesn’t work for you.

Often though, you can begin your investigation to the Akashic records by setting your intention. Some people believe that your motivation to access this knowledge is more important than your skill level, although you should keep in mind that your motivations should be pure and personal. Attempting to acquire the information for less-than-altruistic reasons may lead to confusion and disarray in your life.

For some, meditation is a good way to begin accessing Akashic knowledge. Meditation, especially when it’s aided by aromatherapy, helps ground you and prepare you for the information you are about to discover. Meditation also helps you release any resistance or fear you might be feeling. The aromatherapy component can help with your need to stay deeply relaxed in body but clear, open and focused in your mind. Choose essential oil blends that relax and innervate and put a bit in your favourite burner or diffuser prior to starting your meditation.

Some people also find peace and effectiveness in repeating a mantra or prayer. There are a variety of prayer samples online, and it’s a great idea to look at few to select the one that feels most comfortable and natural to you. Be sure to select a prayer or mantra that contains the words, light, love and truth to convey your benevolent intentions to the universe.

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