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When we want to reach a higher state of consciousness, astral projection can be helpful. This fulfilling out-of-body experience requires deep meditation and relaxation, a straightforward intention to astrally project your mind and a lot of practice.

For many, the difficulty in achieving astral projection is being able to relax deeply while remaining sharp and focused mentally. Aromatherapy can be a good solution for this dilemma, particularly if the essential oils are selected specifically to aid relaxation, focus, and concentration.

What are the Best Aromas and Essential Oils for Astral Projection?

Cinnamon essential oil protects and empowers you, giving you the safety support you may need if you are new to astral travel. Cinnamon also helps you sharpen your focus, a critical skill in astrally projecting yourself.

Cinnamon, an essential oil ingredient used in astral projection that is used to protect and empower you
Lemon, an essential oil ingredient used in astral projection, that stimulates your mind and conciousness

Lemon essential oil stimulates and innervates your mind and your consciousness. This extra boost helps you reach those new experiences that astral projection represents.

Frankincense is useful for astral projection in many ways. The essential oil relieves negativity and expands your awareness, and it also protects and grounds you. These of course are all important effects for astral projection, but more interestingly the oil also promotes transcendence and nurtures your ability to connect with your spirit guides. Having a spirit guide connection is extremely helpful to the process of astral projection.

Frankincense, an essential oil ingredient used in astral projection that relieves negativity and expands awareness
Lavender, an essential oil ingredient used in astral projection that grounds and purifies, also promoting balance and protection

Lavender oil grounds and purifies you, and promotes balance and protection. It’s useful for opening the third-eye chakra, which may also be helpful to the consciousness you need for astral projection. Lavender is always an excellent meditation aid and assists with clairvoyance.

Jasmine essential oil is known for its ability to rouse psychic dreams, transcendence, visions and astral projection.

Jasmine, an essential oil ingredient used in astral projection, known for it's ability to rouse psychic dreams, transcendence, visions and astral travel
Sandalwood, an essential oil ingredient used in astral projection that purifies and protects

Sandalwood aromatherapy oil purifies and protects, both necessary benefits for astral projection. It too, is known for its ability to foster astral projection.

Patchouli oil grounds you and dispels negativity, so you can attract the positive emotions and security you need to reach the higher states of consciousness needed for astral projection. The oil also promotes your ability to self-hypnotise, a deep state of relaxation that encourages astral projection.

Patchouli, an essential oil ingredient used in astral projection that grounds and dispels negativity to attract positive emotions and a deep state of relaxation

Tips for Using Aromatherapy for Astral Projection

  • First, be sure your subtle body is clear and vibrant. It is difficult to reach the positive space you need if you have negative emotions and blocked energy fields swirling around you. Meditate routinely to be sure that you’re discarding negative energy and filling your being with positive emotions and energy. This frequent meditation also prepares you for astral projection because it trains your body to relax completely.


  • Form your intention and state it frequently and positively. Use affirmations to put your positive intentions out into the universe and remind yourself that you can achieve this special state. Meditate with aromatherapy while you repeat your affirmations for greatest effect.


  • Select your aromatherapy oils to aid your projection. We’ve listed some helpful essential oils, but we’ve also blended several of them together in our Astral Projection Oil so you can amplify the benefit with one oil. Place your chosen essential oils in a burner or diffuser, and place the aromatherapy device in the room you’ve designated for your astral projection.


  • Start practising. The more you practice, the more your physical body and psyche become accustomed to the ritual of preparing for astral projection. After each practice session, write down your experience in a journal. Occasionally, read back through your astral projection journal. This journal is useful for several reasons. It helps you see your incremental progress. That’s important because learning to travel astrally can take some time, and it can be easy to become discouraged. A journal is also important because it allows you to see what works for you and what has distracted you in the past.
Image of many worlds, representing the many planes that you can travel to during astral projection

Astral projection can be an amazingly rewarding experience. Be sure to read books and other travelers’ accounts for tips, ideas, and advice. Above all, stay patient. It may take a while to reach your astral travel goal.

Astral Projection Aromatherapy Oil
Astral Projection Aromatherapy Oil

Astral Projection oil for meditation, astral projection or to ease out of body experiences.

Lavender and cinnamon essential oils in an apricot kernel oil blend promote deep relaxation and serenity.

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