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Cardamom Essential Oil | Blended Valley

Cardamom Essential Oil <br/><em>Elettaria Cardamomum</em>


The wisdom of the ancients is alive and well, carried to us from 3000 BCE to the present day in the form of precious cardamom seeds. This revered nugget was burned as part of ancient Hindu marriage ceremonies, and it appears in the healing Ayurvedic texts as “Ela”. Throughout the ancient world, cardamom was a prominent feature of cuisine, medicine, perfumery and spiritual ceremonies. From the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians to the Greeks and Romans, cardamom was a valued part of daily life.

Speed through history to the present day, and you’ll discover that cardamom remains a cherished spice and essential oil. The ancient belief that it aids spiritual enrichment, improves digestion and is an aphrodisiac is still valid today. With this illustrious 5,000-year history, could cardamom be referred to anything else than the “Queen of Spices’?


Cardamom: A Royally Compelling Spice and Oil

Cardamom is a symphony of scents and tastes. To some, its aroma is reminiscent of clove; to others, cinammon and ginger more accurately describe the luscious aroma. There’s a hint of mint and lemon in there, too, if you’re paying close attention and have astute taste and olfactory senses.

The taste of cardamom powder, or spice, is so delectable that you’ll find it in a variety of food and beverage. Cardamom tea is a popular choice today, both for its taste as well as its soothing effect. You haven’t fully enjoyed life if you haven’t smelled Swedish Cardamom Rolls baking, and sampled a few of the results after they’ve emerged from the oven. With its distinct flavor and aroma, it’s no wonder cardamom is one of the top three most expensive spices in the world.


Cardamom Uses

As an essential oil, cardamom is a calming and uplifting scent that stirs many powerful emotional, spiritual and physical effects.

Physical Benefits

Cardamom is beneficial to health in many ways. Here are few of the ways cardamom can improve your physical well-being:

  • Digestive. The ancients were wise to recognise cardamom’s ability to settle nausea and discomfort and to stimulate gastric enzymes for a healthier digestive system. The chemicals in cardamom are especially known for their alleviation of stomach and intestinal spasms.
  • Blood Pressure. One clinical study showed that cardamom reduced the systolic and diastolic pressure of patients with primary stage 1 hypertension. More study is needed, of course, to corroborate these findings, but early results are promising.
  • Respiratory. The stimulating effect of cardamom, when inhaled as a vapor, dilates the lung’s bronchi and bronchioles. This, in turn, improves air flow to lungs, making cardamom a helpful tool for those with chronic breathing issues. Cardamom is also thought to help open up sinus and nasal passages for those suffering from colds and allergies.
  • Cholesterol Control. Clinical studies show that cardamom significantly reduces total cholesterol levels.
  • Bad Breath. The anti-bacterial properties of cardamom make it a natural breath deodorizer and preventive tool for cavities.
  • Sexual Function. One of cardamom’s earliest uses was as an aphrodisiac, and it remains a popular use today. The phytochemicals in cardamom help to stimulate sexual desire and organs, making it a good choice to increase libido. The Tales of Arabian Nights often mentions using cardamom in love potions.
  • Antibiotic. A recent clinical trial found that encapsulated cardamom kills multi-drug resistant pathogens, suggesting it may be a good alternative for synthetic antiobiotics. Research into this area is in the early stages though, and more research is needed to determine cardamom’s natural effectiveness.

Emotional Benefits

  • Uplifting. Cardamom is both energising and calming, so it’s a good choice for days when you’re feeling a little down in the dumps.

Spiritual Benefits

  • Grounding. The rich, earthy and spicy scent of cardamom essential oil is ideal for the grounding and stability you need for balancing your root chakra.
  • Clarity, Direction. Clearing away the mental fog that’s caused by stress and nervous tension is just part of cardamom’s appeal. Its uplifting effect also helps you to concentration during meditation so that you can find the clarity and direction you seek.
  • Love, Wisdom. Cardamom essential oil helps you to see your romantic relationships more clearly and to give you the certainty you need to make decisions about those relationships.

Magical and Magickal Benefits

  • Love. Associated with the planet Venus and the water element, cardamom helps you become aware of generosity and love.


Safety Information

Do not use cardamom essential oil on sensitive skin, and avoid ingesting the essential oil.

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