Chakra Oils

Eastern tradition holds that there are seven chakras or energy centres. Located along the spine or midline of the body, they are responsible for our instinctual, physical, mental and spiritual energy flow.

The seven chakras are as follows:

• The first or root chakra. Located at the base of the spine and radiating down the legs and into the soles of the feet, this chakra connects you to the earth and your physical body. If this chakra is open, you feel stable, grounded and secure. Overactivity leads to greediness and resistance to change while underactivity results in nervousness and fear.

• The second or sacral chakra. Located below the navel, this chakra connects you to your sexuality, passions and emotions. If this chakra is open, you feel passionate, appropriately emotional and open to intimacy. Overactivity leads to hyper-sexuality and becoming excessively attached to others while underactivity results in introversion, shyness and rigidity.

• The third or solar plexus chakra. Located above the navel, this chakra connects you to your self-esteem and self-control. If this chakra is open, you feel in command and sure of yourself. Overactivity leads to aggression and a tendency to dominate while underactivity results in apathy, passivity and indecisiveness.

• Fourth or heart chakra. Located in the middle of the chest, this chakra is responsible for purity, strength, compassion and love. If it is open, you feel kind and friendly and can enter into harmonious relationships. Overactivity leads to smothering behaviours and difficulties establishing boundaries while underactivity results in extreme aloofness.

• Fifth or throat chakra. Located in the middle of the neck, this chakra connects you to your voice and your ability to express yourself. When it is open, you are self-aware and creative. Overactivity leads to domineering behaviours that keep people at a distance and cause isolation while underactivity results in frustration, withdrawal and shyness.

• Sixth or third eye chakra. Located between the brows, this chakra connects you to your spiritual self. When it is open, you are in touch with your insights and intuition. Overactivity leads to a tendency to fantasize too much and reject reality while underactivity results in rigidity, confusion and a tendency to mistrust your own thoughts or feelings.

• Seventh or crown chakra. Located at the top of the head, this chakra connects you to wisdom and your relationship with the world and the universe. When this chakra is open, you can accept yourself and others as they are in an unprejudiced way. Overactivity leads to a tendency to over-intellectualize or analyse and a lack of focus on your physical needs while underactivity results in rigid thinking and an unwillingness to see beyond the concrete.

Essential oils are derived from the living bark, leaves, roots, flowers and peels of plants and take on their unique healing qualities. Therefore, it stands to reason that aromatherapy using these oils can be targeted to address imbalances in any or all of the chakras. The goal is that all energy centres are fully open so that the life force of the body can flow, unimpeded, to every cell. When this happens, it is possible to be fully connected not only with your physical self but also with your spiritual, subtle and universal being. Blended Valley pure essential oils are carefully crafted with each specific chakra in mind to give you optimal results.

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