Think of chakras as distinct energy centres in your body that vibrate at different levels and radiate specific colours and energies. Each of them is connected to particular organs and glands. Given this fact, it is not hard to see how important it is to understand the nature of each of your chakras. Furthermore, it is vital to restore balance if the energy in one or more of these centres is blocked, over-produced or under-active.

The subject of chakras is at the foundation of energy and spiritual healing. The articles on this page will give you just a small glimpse into this extensive field of knowledge exploring each chakra’s location, functions, associated colour and techniques for healing imbalances. We look at how essential oils and aromatherapy can enhance energy healing work. 

We cover the seven chakras: 

• First – Root Chakra.
• Second – Sacral Chakra.
• Third – Solar Plexus Chakra.
• Fourth – Heart Chakra.
• Fifth – Throat Chakra.
• Sixth – Third Eye Chakra.
• Seventh – Crown Chakra.


  The seventh chakra is the crown chakra, known for its connection to a higher power and inspiration. It is the realization of your greater purpose and your connection to the universe. It is the understanding that everything and being in the world is...

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  The sixth chakra is the third eye, the source of wisdom, intuition and the subconscious inner eye. It’s sometimes referred to as the brow chakra, located between the eyes in the lower center of the forehead. Many know this chakra by its Sanskrit...

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  The throat chakra is the fifth of the seven-chakra system, influencing your communication and self-expression. Located at the base of the head, the throat chakra, or Vishuddha, is the first of your spiritual chakras.   What is Vishuddha? Coming...

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  The fourth energy center is the heart chakra or Anahata. It is the seat of your emotional balance, the merging point of the lower three physical chakras and the upper three spiritual chakras.   The Meaning of Anahata Most Westerners translate...

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  Considered your personal power center, your solar plexus chakra is thought to be your source of determination, laughter, drive, and self-esteem. It’s the location of your emotional “fire” and your physical “fire” or metabolism.   What is...

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  If you follow modern-era esoterism, you have likely experienced a variety of philosophies about the connection between your mind, body, and spirit. From cleansing your aura to awakening kundalini, there are many ways to strengthen your mind-body...

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  The root chakra is considered the first of the seven-chakra system. Some believe it is located at the base of the spine as the foundation of your body, the root of your being and the core of your sense of safety. In this seven-chakra system, your...

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