Because of their volatile nature, essential oils interact with the molecules around them. By triggering the olfactory centre in your brain, they can stimulate the experiencing of emotions and memories and are also often used to promote healing. As organic substances that are derived from living plants, they are intrinsically linked with the four basic elements that make up our world: air, water, fire and earth. The bark, flowers, peels, leaves and roots of plants that are extracted and made into essential oils correspond with these elements. During aromatherapy, a person connects with the various elements by breathing in the scent of the oils or by absorbing them into the skin.

The articles on this page will give you a basic introduction to elementals by providing a brief introduction to each element’s properties and associated chakras and how aromatherapy can be used for healing and correcting imbalances. We’ll also explore the commonly used aromatherapy oils that correspond to each of the four elements.


Air is the highest of the four classical elements, representing movement and openness. It is lightness, freedom and positivity. It is a vital spirit, swirling freely in and around you. It is thought to supply the power of the mind, associated with memory, awareness....

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  Fire is passion, creativity and light. It is heat and power, courage and force. Literally and metaphorically, fire is transformative and dynamic, changing one state of matter to another. Solid matter becomes ash; solid ice becomes water and then...

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  Fluid and ever-changing, the water element represents purification, love, compassion and forgiveness. It is the element of peace and friendship, kindness and nurturing. In certain conditions, this element is known for its ability to transform into...

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  The foundation of life, earth is the most basic of the classical and mystical elements. It is strength, wisdom and nurturing. As the foundation of all things in life, earth is also associated with fertility, stability and, peace. Earth bears life,...

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