Extrasensory perception, or ESP, is the communication or connection with others not through your physical senses but through your mind. There are dozens of examples of ESP occurring in everyday life, but people often don’t notice them or pass them off as coincidence.


Take a look at the questions below and ask yourself if that situation has ever happened to you. If so, did you just dismiss the occurrence as coincidence?


  • Have you ever heard from someone you had just been thinking about?
  • Did you dream that you needed to contact someone only to find out that they really needed to hear from you?
  • Did you inevitably end up wearing the same clothes, jewellery or shoes of a close friend in spite of efforts to not dress similarly?
  • Have you ever had a family member verbalise a thought that just popped into your own head?


The current conventional wisdom is that everyone is born with one or more of the ESP traits. As we grow, cultural and religious norms cause many of us to suppress these heightened, otherworldly senses. Kids, for instance, often have more ESP experiences than adults for this very reason. I’ve often wondered, ‘How much of our kids’ imagination and creative storytelling is really a result of an ESP experience’?

What is ESP?

ESP is often referred to as second sight or a sixth sense. It’s the reception of information and knowledge through senses that are not physical. This intuitive sense presents in many different ways. Here are a few types of ESP abilities:

  • telepathy
  • clairvoyance
  • psychokinesis
  • premonition
  • intuition
  • clairaudience
  • retrocognition
  • psychometry
  • clairsentience
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These abilities are based on the belief that our thoughts, feelings, experiences and physical senses all have an energy component. These energies can sense and connect with the energies of other beings, leading you to communicate non-verbally with the other. A good example of this is when you’re trying to avoid speaking to someone at work. If you’re thrown into a room together you know exactly how that person is feeling about you and vice versa, even though no eye contact is made and words are not spoken. Likely, your energy and your co-worker’s energy are communicating on another plane.

With ESP, that energy exchange and communication is more concrete and knowable to you. This often takes practice, redeveloping your extrasensory abilities so that you can recognize what you are sensing.

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Tips for Improving Your Psychic Ability

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A variety of exercises will help you to hone your psychic ESP senses. Many of these exercises are specific to the ESP ability you want to develop, though, so we’ll start with general ways you can heighten your ESP.

  • Make your intention and desire to develop ESP clearly known. You can do this with affirmations or mantras or simply writing it down on a piece of paper.
  • Believe that this ability exists and that you have the capability of developing the sense.
  • Meditation offers many benefits for expanding your ESP ability. Meditation teaches you to relax your body fully. It trains you to focus your mind and become aware of the energy, emotions, and conditions around you. These are all necessary to tap into your existing ESP, and you can amplify the experience by adding select aromatherapy oils to the meditation. Both meditation and aromatherapy can elevate your vibrational energy to a level that can communicate with high-frequency Spirit energy.
  • Balance your chakras and cleanse your aura so your energy fields and centres are at peak condition. Again, you can use aromatherapy and meditation to do this. In particular, you want to align your third eye chakra to heighten your awareness, so place a bit of our Third Eye Chakra Oil in a diffuser or burner before you meditate.
  • Journal daily. The act of journaling helps you become more aware of your higher self, and that’s helpful to ESP abilities.

Practice, Practice, Practice

There are dozens of ways to practice your psychic abilities. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Look at old family photographs and try to identify how each person in the photo was feeling.
  • Go to an antique store and hold an object that should have a lot of emotions attached to it like a wedding ring, a bracelet, jacket or book. Close your eyes and try to hear, sense or see something about the original owner of the object.
  • Practice telepathy with Zener cards and a friend.
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Seek the Experts

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Ask for help with your quest for a heightened psychic ability. It’s important to become acquainted with your spirit guides, as they will help you develop your ability. The best way to do this is to ask your spirit guides to reveal themselves while you’re meditating.

Get to know psychic mediums and others in the field so they can offer helpful advice along your journey.

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