At Blended Valley, we have spent many years painstakingly developing aromatherapy and essential oil blends specifically designed to boost your health and raise your energy vibrations. We understand that only when you gain a sense of true equilibrium and harmony within yourself and with the world and universe around you can you truly reach the potential you were destined to achieve.

Blended Valley is here to meet all of your holistic needs. We offer the following gift sets in response to the requests of our valued customers:

Wellbeing Gift Set. Wellness is much more than the absence of physical symptoms. In fact, it is a combination of the abilities to relax, focus and concentrate, tap into positive energy and invigoration and to get restful sleep. This package contains essential oils specifically targeted and labelled to help you in all of these important areas of wellness.

Chakra Oils Gift Set. If you are familiar with Eastern philosophy, you probably know about chakras. They are the seven energy centres located in the midline of the body starting at the base of your spine and going to the top of your head. These chakras affect everything from our basic physical instincts to our creativity, compassion, connection with our self-expression and self-esteem and spiritual growth and balance. Due to environmental factors as well as physical illness or psychological problems, these chakras can become blocked and unbalanced, leading to a wide variety of symptoms that can leave us physically, emotionally and spiritually frustrated, trapped and stifled. Working to re-open these chakras is often done via a combination of visualization and meditation along with essential oils. The oils stimulate the olfactory centre of the brain, which puts you in touch with emotions, memories and even spiritual desires.

Blended Valley’s chakra oil gift set has been carefully formulated to address each individual chakra. Each oil is carefully labelled, and you will receive an easy-to-use instruction guide that describes exactly how and where to apply each essential oil. In addition, we will provide you with some helpful tips that can aid you in your spiritual practice as you work to re-open all of your chakras.

Chakra Oil Gift Set
Wellbeing Oils Gift Set - Concentration, Relax, Energy and Sleep Oils
Elemental Oils Gift Set
Housewarming Oils Gift Set
Spiritual Oils Gift Set
Essential Oil Blends Gift Set For Her
Air Elemental Oil
It is with great sadness that we are closing our business and Blended Valley products will no longer be available.We would just like to thank all our customers for your valued support, we hope you have enjoyed using our products as much as we have enjoyed making them.