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Ginger Essential Oil (Zingiber officinale) | Blended Valley

Ginger Essential Oil <br/><em>Zingiber officinale</em>


Strength, determination and confidence rise up in you with each potent breath you take of ginger oil aromatherapy. The feelings ginger oil brings forth are powerful, inspiring you to heal the areas of your physical body, psyche, energy and spirit that are holding you back from your destiny. Ginger is courage, power and honesty, spurring you to face your toughest challenges with bold resolve and unwavering fortitude. This is the “Oil of Empowerment”.

Ginger root comes by this reputation for inspiration naturally, after 4,400 years of use medically and spiritually. Its heady, spicy scent and taste are invigorating, lifting your mood and helping you to focus.

It is one of the oldest and most universally used spices, both the spice of the Orient and a treasured flavor and scent for many Westerners. It is a valued ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine, and for Ayurveda, it is the “universal medicine”. Arab, Indian, Asian and Western cultures alike use it for health, flavor and emotional empowerment. For millennia, it has criss-crossed the world, bringing calm, health and spiritual awakening to millions of people.


Physical Benefits

  • Heart Health. Early medical research shows that ginger essential oil improves blood circulation by reducing blood clotting. Those same studies suggest that the oil may also lower damaging cholesterol. The result of these two benefits mean that ginger oil may be helpful in maintaining a healthy heart. To improve your blood circulation in that area, rub one or two diluted drops of ginger oil on your chest over your heart.
  • Nausea and Motion Sickness. Healers around the world have used ginger to ease upset stomach and nausea for centuries. We’re starting to see the clinical evidence that backs up those anecdotal and traditional assertions of ginger as a home remedy for indigestion and nausea. Several studies have examined the benefit of ginger for digestive ailments, and most are showing positive results. One study, for instance, demonstrated that ginger can reduce the damage of gastric ulcers.
  • Muscle Pain Relief. Ginger oil contains pain-fighting compounds such as zingibain that relieve pain such as headaches, backaches, menstrual cramps and general muscle and joint pain.
  • Kills Bacteria. Ginger is an antiseptic, killing bacterial and microorganism-induced infections on skin and in the intestine. Many researchers also believe that ginger can kill malaria.
  • Antioxidants. Ginger is rich with antioxidant power, combating age-related oxidative stress and environmentally related free radical damage.
  • Other Health Benefits. Ginger also has a positive effect on a number of other health and wellness indicators, helping to ease respiratory problems like flu, bronchitis and asthma; improving liver function; increasing libido; addressing erectile dysfunction and reducing inflammation.


Emotional Benefits

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder. The long, gray sun-deprived winters can take their toll on some people. Ginger can help alleviate some of the “winter blues” that come with shorter days and markedly less exposure to sunlight. Its energising scent can also supplement therapies for seasonal affective disorder.
  • Anxiety. The warm, spicy aroma of ginger is often used to relieve tension, stress, very mild depression and anxiety. It aids sleep and gives you a needed mood boost.


Spiritual Uses

  • Sacral Chakra Balancing. Ginger oil is a natural for stimulating and aligning your sacral chakra. Physically, it improves blood flow, decreases inflammation and is considered an aphrodisiac. It calms and soothes, so that you can meditate more productively to balance your energy centers.
  • Love. Ginger attracts love and passion, making it a great oil for anointing your love charms and inviting love into your spirit.


Safety Information.

Ginger oil can be irritating to skin for some people. Be sure to dilute it in carrier oil before applying to your skin or mouth. Although it’s very uncommon, occasionally ginger oil can cause serious side effects such as an irregular heartbeat and unusual drowsiness or bleeding and bruising. Call your medical caretaker right away if you experience any of those side effects. If you’re taking aspirin or blood thinners, check with your physician before using ginger oil orally.

  • Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale
  • Common Method of Extraction: Steam distillation
  • Plant Part Typically Used: Root
  • Color: Light yellow
  • Consistency: Thin
  • Perfumery Note: Base or Middle
  • Strength of Initial Aroma: Medium to Strong
  • Aromatic Description: Rich, spicy, earthy
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