Meditation is one of the most enriching activities available to us. Of course, it is relaxing and soothing. Meditation can help you enjoy life more fully, helping you to live in the moment, be present in your relationships and calm the stress of daily life.

There are more reasons to cherish meditation though. Meditation allows you to quiet your mind and physical body, giving you the focus and space to listen to the universe. It encourages you to clear your mind, gaining enlightenment and empowerment. It provides you with an important tool for balancing your chakras, cleansing your aura and generally attracting positive energies into your soul.

Meditation is also the pathway for reaching your highest potential in life and in your pursuit of greater consciousness. You can heighten your extra sensory perceptions with meditation, and you can experience out-of-body travel with meditation.

Meditation, the pathway for reaching your highest potential in life


Aromatherapy is just as beneficial as meditation. Physically, aromatherapy offers many benefits to your health and wellness. Studies show that aromatherapy can:


Aromatherapy also has many positive emotional and spiritual effects. It elevates your mood, clears your mind and allows you to focus. It heightens a variety of spiritual activities, including Kundalini yoga and meditation.

Lotus Flower

Combined Forces


Aromatherapy is a powerful aid to meditation, especially if you take the time to choose your essential oils carefully. Each aromatherapy oil boasts unique attributes, making some useful for protecting and grounding you while others are ideal for motivating you to find a higher truth. Among the 200-plus aromatherapy oils in the world, there are countless benefits and options. So choose your aromatherapy oils to suit your goal for that day’s meditation, and you will experience excellent synergy.

Advice for Pairing Aromatherapy and Meditation

  • Choose your method for aerosolising the aromatherapy oil. There are numerous aromatherapy device options, including burners, warmers, diffusers, atomisers, misters, and vaporizers. You can also simply put a few drops in a bowl of steaming water. Some of these options are electronic and may disrupt or enhance your meditation so take this element into consideration as you choose your device.
Various aromatherapy ingredients
  • Pair your meditation goal with your aromatherapy oil. Want to reach a deeper meditative state or simply breathe more deeply? Frankincense is a good choice for that. Want to spur your creativity? Try rose oil, which is also ideal for attaining greater spirituality because of its elevated vibrational frequency. Do you simply want to get to a calm, meditative state more easily? Lavender is often a good choice. Sandalwood is a perennial favourite for many practised meditators because it cleanses and reduces stress and negative thoughts.







  • Increase the benefits of aromatherapy and meditation throughout your day by placing a few drops of your selected essential oil on aromatherapy jewellery or other personal objects. Dab a few drops on an aromatherapy bracelet so you can enjoy a few relaxing whiffs as you dash to work. Put a drop or two on your scarf or handkerchief.
Lavender, an ingredient in various Blended Valley aromatherapy oils

Get creative with your use of aromatherapy for meditation. Try several different essential oils or blends to find the one that gives you the greatest meditation pleasure. Once you’ve found a special oil blend, and you’ve used it for a few meditations, simply smelling that familiar, relaxing scent can instantly calm you.

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