Picture one of your most recent social experiences, like a party or cocktail hour. When you walked into the room, how did you feel? Did you instantly feel light and happy, surrounded by truly happy people? Or, did you walk in and feel low and depressed, in spite of a façade of happy faces? That emotion you sensed in that instant is an example of one of the most experienced non-physical energies: positive or negative emotions.


Non-physical energies are the energies we can’t see or touch, but we can often sense them. They can be negative or positive. As you can imagine, positive non-physical energies are usually helpful and good for us; negative energies are not.


Even if you can’t sense these energies, they can still affect you. That’s because of our energy fields, or aura, are like velcro board, picking up and hanging on to the negative and positive energies generated by the people, beings and spirits around us. This bombardment of non-physical energies ultimately affects our moods and emotions, our subtle bodies, our energy centres, our physical bodies and our spirit.

Inviting Positive Energy Into Your Life

There are many things we can do to attract positive energies. The higher vibrations of Love energies are beneficial and healing, so seek sources of this frequency to appeal to healing positive energies. Here are some other practical and spiritual ways to invite positive energy:

Blueberries, a clean food that helps keep ypur positive non-physical energy healthy

Spiritual Nutrition. Eat foods that create healthy cell function, that are life-giving, natural and wholesome. You can keep your body and spirit healthy by eating “clean” foods that restore your energy rather than draining it. Refined and processed foods are notorious energy vampires, and avoiding them can help keep your positive non-physical energy clean and healthy.

Meditation and Aromatherapy. Take time to be still and ground yourself. This daily ritual of meditating with essential oils helps your subtle body’s energy fields to release the negative energies It also helps those energy fields and centers to shore up positive energies. Be sure to place a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil in a diffuser or burner before you begin so you can enhance your experience and effect.

Aromatherapy, along with meditation can release negative energy and shore up positive energy
Pile of stones

Feng Shui. Turn to the wisdom of the ancient philosophies, religions and healing methods to attract positive energies. The current use of feng shui is concerned with the free flow of life force, or Qi. De-cluttering rooms, arranging furniture in a certain way and living harmoniously with nature are thought to be conducive to free, positive energy flow.

Law of Attraction. Follow the Cosmic Law of Attraction that says “like attracts like”. Live your life positively, lovingly and with intention, exuding your own positive energy around you. This attracts positive energy to your own life. The Law of Resonance also plays an important role, stating that vibrational energies of a similar frequency are attracted to one another. Once you achieve the positive non-physical energy you wish, you’ll be more likely to attract more of that level of positive energy to your being.

Two people looking down a road at giant planets in the sky
A cat looking like he is in a yoga position!

Yoga. Add a few pranayama, or breath exercises, to your yoga practice to draw in positive energy. This focused yogic breathing can be intensely clarifying, compelling you to live in that moment. Once you’ve finished your yogic breathing, you’re often better able to control positive and negative energies.

Protecting Yourself from Negative Energy

Flower fractal

If you’ve read our blog about subtle body energy work, some of the same methods used for cleansing your aura and energy fields can help protect you from negative energy. Many of the methods for attracting positive energy can also dispel negative energy. Meditation and yoga, for instance, not only draw in positive non-physical energy, they also influence your physical and subtle bodies to release negative energy.

There are also a variety of other techniques to release and protect from negative energy:


Yawn. The simple act of yawning emits energy, mostly negative.

Yawning lion, the act of yawning emits mostly negative energy
Swirling colours

Mantra. Repeat a protection mantra-like Aad Guray Nameh during Kundalini yoga or at any time you feel the need for protection.

Dance, laugh and skip. Each of these activities infuses you with joy and happiness, which exist in higher frequencies. These higher frequencies are incompatible with the lower frequencies of negative energy.

Dancing girl -dancing, along with laughing and skipping infuses you with joy and happiness which exist in higher frequencies
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