Air Elemental Oil Blend (30ml)


Reach for your bottle to align with nature and the air element during yoga practice or chakra meditation. Aid kundalini awakening work and aura healing.

Use Air Elemental Oil with an aromatherapy diffuser or oil burner to release the aromas of lavender and lemon essential oils to calm the mind with the wisdom of the spirit and soul.

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ENJOY BALANCE AND HARMONY WITH AROMA OILS This oil blend is supremely versatile. It can be used to relax and enjoy mood lighting scent during a bath or foot spa. It can be misted on a sleep mask or under pillows. Overall, a terrific calming aromatherapy oil. Combine it with other aromatherapy essential oils to harmonise with nature.

Air Elemental Aromatherapy Oil - Balancing Your Energy With The Elemental Oils

ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND MADE IN THE UK The Air element relates to communication, wisdom and relationships. We honour that when we create this oil, blending each bottle locally in the UK, using the best ingredients. Blended Valley AIR aroma oil can be used in many different applications: placed on salt lamps, charms, healing stones, crystals, yoga mats or cushions or even used in candle or soap making.


YOU’RE PROTECTED You can rest assured that your Air Elemental Oil is as safe and pure as it can possibly be. We use only high-quality oils, free of synthetic additives. We bottle each vial by hand, packaging it in UV-protective amber glass bottles to preserve its quality and protect against spoilage. We also use a tamper-evident pipette to ensure your dispenser is not contaminated. Your safety and health are important to us, and we show it in the quality of our oil.

Air Elemental Balance

BREATHE LIKE A YOGI WITH FRAGRANCE OILS Breath is essential to life, and you can shift your vibrational connection to the air element through oils and breath control. Yoga aids like our oil can enhance breath and help transcend to higher levels of meditation and spirituality. You can reach new connections with these aromatherapy oils, just as the masters do. Use it to improve energy flow, connect with the universe through the air element, balancing the heart chakra.




The elements are the basis of everything in the universe. The air element relates to all your senses. Harmonising with this element helps you to feel lighter, calmer and agiler. It has connections to many energies, spiritual studies and practices, including feng shui, Ayurveda, psychic wisdom and magic.


Essential oils that come from the earth are uniquely connected to the universal elements. We call upon several different essential oils to help you harmonise with the air element, including:
* Lavender is healing, protective and calming. It steadies your psyche. It helps to relax you so you can achieve more harmonious breath control while you’re resting, relaxing, meditating or performing yoga.

* Lemon makes you more alert and brings you mental clarity, both excellent traits to use during meditation or yoga.

* Neroli amplifies lavender’s calming effectiveness, instilling in you a sense of peace and harmony.


If you want to relax at home or spa or feel connected to the universe in a new way, improve your yoga breath control or attune to and balance your heart chakra, this essential oil blend is for you. Using this aromatherapy oil can help you feel lighter, more resilient, more fluid and balanced. It is also a relaxing experience, benefiting from lavender’s soothing influence and balancing benefits.

Air Elemental Mandala


Lavender, an ingredient of Air Elemental Aromatherapy Oil

We use only superior aromatherapy oils so you have a fabulous-smelling oil that gives you a natural, effective way to improve your mind-body experience and connect with the universe. We begin crafting this blend with natural Apricot Kernel oil. This oil is lightweight and odourless, providing an unobtrusive base for our aromatic and beneficial essential oils. The essential oils blend can be used in many different applications, from diffuser and healing crystals to talisman amulet and vaporiser. Next, we infuse the apricot kernel oil with lavender, lemon, neroli and oregano essential oils.

These oils bring gorgeous scents to the blend and many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. All oils used in this blend are pure, natural, cruelty-free and suitable for vegan use. They contain no synthetic additives.


Follow directions on your aromatherapy device for use with the essential oil blend.

This oil can also be misted onto sleeping masks and yoga mats or cushions, or used to anoint talismans.

Pregnant and nursing women should consult with a physician prior to use.

Burning incense stick

It is with great sadness that we are closing our business and Blended Valley products will no longer be available. We would just like to thank all our customers for your valued support, we hope you have enjoyed using our products as much as we have enjoyed making them.