Astral Projection Oil (30ml)


Use this astral projection aid with an aromatherapy diffuser or oil burner during meditation or astral travel.

Lavender and cinnamon essential oils in an apricot kernel oil blend promote deep relaxation and serenity.

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REVEL IN TOTAL PEACE WITH ASTRAL PROJECTION OIL Some astral travellers describe the deep meditative state they achieve during astral projection as being total and complete peacefulness. Training and opening your mind to accomplish astral travel takes practice, knowledge and a few important aids like our Astral Projection Oil. The aromatherapy oils in this blend help you reach that transcendent mind space by grounding you while opening your mind and calming your nerves.

Astral Projection Mandala

SAFE TRAVELS WITH FRAGRANT OILS MADE IN THE UK Our astral projection oil blend is made in the UK with high quality essential oils. We blend each essential oil by hand and package them in safe UV-resistant bottles. We include in your purchase a tamper-evident pipette. The result of this care and packaging ensures that your oil is safe and long-lasting.

HIGH QUALITY AROMATHERAPY OIL BLEND Searching for a deep meditative state is great with a high-calibre meditation oil blend, and ours is one of the best. That’s because we use a meticulously selected group of oils that ground, relax and protect you while helping you to focus and open your mind to consciousness. Add your finely crafted aromatherapy oil to an oil burner, reed diffuser or a salt lamp during your meditations.

Blended Valley Astral Projection Aromatherapy Oil

BEST SPIRITUAL GIFTS Astral Projection Oil is a truly unique and unforgettable gift that shows that you’ve taken the time to choose it. If you have a friend who is doing energy work, soul searching, exploring consciousness or seeking enlightenment, our oil is a hit that provides a potent astral projection aid that also smells amazing.




Imagine projecting your mind into a new and exciting realm. This ability requires deep relaxation, meditation and concentration. For some, it is a state that takes great practice and intent. Our Astral Projection Oil is one of the tools to help reach that state, it is specifically crafted to help you relax your body while stimulating your mind to explore and expand.



We’ve chosen our Astral Projection Oil ingredients carefully, often drawing on oils that derive from some of the most important astral projection herbs available:
* Lemon oil to stimulate and innervate your mind, helping you to reach for new and exciting experiences.
* Lavender essential oil to relax your body while encouraging clairvoyance and improving dream recall.
* Cinnamon Oil to empower you, honing your focus and fostering visions.
* Frankincense to relieve negativity, protect and ground you, expand your awareness and encourage transcendence.
These are all important benefits that aid in astral projection.



We’ve put so much care and thought into our Astral Projection Oil that we know you’ll love and appreciate its contribution to your meditation and astral projection experiences. We back up that confidence with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you’ll never have to worry about trying out one of our new oil blends.

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If you’ve ever wondered what the astral plane looks like, if you’ve ever wanted an out of body experience, if you’ve ever wished you could be in two places at once, our Astral Projection Oil may help. Our unique formulation and quality production ensure you have a top-notch oil that helps you relax and focus in a way that encourages astral projection.

Astral Projection Oil


Astral Projection Aromatherapy Oil essential oil ingredients

We’ve carefully planned our Astral Projection Oil to provide the most potent astral projection and meditation aid while creating a terrific smelling aromatherapy oil. That potency and aroma are the result of a unique blend of essential oils in apricot kernel oil which is an odourless and lightweight base for our aromatic oils.

Soothing frankincense, sandalwood and ylang-ylang keep you grounded while providing important protection against negative energies.

Frankincense helps expand your awareness while ylang-ylang helps you achieve the deep relaxation necessary to project astrally.

Sandalwood also improves mental clarity to enhance the quality of your meditation and astral projection.

We also use oils that help to open your mind to new visions and realms. This includes oils like lemon oil that enervates your mind and cinnamon bark that improves your focus.

Lavender helps to inspire clairvoyance and transcendence.

Our Astral Projection oil blend also includes Rosewood to calm your emotions, give you a mood boost and release mental clutter.


Our oil blends are suitable for just about any aromatherapy device, including burners, diffusers and misters. They’re also for use with talismans and aromatherapy jewellery, such as an aromatherapy necklace or bracelet.

Astral Projection Aromatherapy Oil with aromatherapy oil burner

The oil blend can be placed on healing stones, crystals and meditation beads. For best results, follow the directions on your aromatherapy device. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

It is with great sadness that we are closing our business and Blended Valley products will no longer be available.We would just like to thank all our customers for your valued support, we hope you have enjoyed using our products as much as we have enjoyed making them.