Heart Chakra Essential Oil Blend (30ml)


A chakra balancing oil blend that can be used during meditation or yoga to aid emotional healing and awareness.

Heart Chakra Oil is a blend of Rose, Lavender, Lemon, Sandalwood and Neroli essential oils in Apricot Kernel Oil and is suitable for chakra healing and chakra cleansing.

A few drops can be placed on an aromatherapy diffuser or oil burner, or can be placed on jewellery and healing stones.

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CHERISH THE HEART OF YOUR SPIRIT WITH AROMATHERAPY OILS. Just as your physical life relies on a healthy heart, so too does your spirit and subtle energy. With a well-balanced heart chakra, you see and appreciate all the immense beauty of life around you. You enjoy meaningful and fulfilling relationships. Above all, you have a deep ability to love and be loved. Our aromatherapy oil helps you achieve that loving state as you practice yoga asanas, meditate or focus on your aura.

Heart Chakra Mandala

ENJOY PURITY OF LOVE AND RESPECT WITH FRAGRANT OILS. Your search for pure love and generosity needs pure, natural essential oil that enhances and aids your heart chakra experience. We use only high quality oils like rose and lavender that inspire love, compassion and peace in their most honest forms.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR FOR YOU WITH AROMA SCENTED OIL. With each breath of this healing oil, you absorb rich, stirring scent. The heart note of any fragrance is vital, and we take great care to give you the richest, most powerful bouquet possible. As you use this oil blend you’re invigorated with the floral love notes of Sandalwood with a hint of fresh neroli. The oil is scented as pure and strong as your balanced heart chakra.

Lavender, an ingredient of Blended Valley Heart Chakra Oil

YOU ARE ALREADY LOVED. We care for your safety as we hand-blend our essential oils. Each blend is reverently prepared, then lovingly packaged in a UV-resistant glass bottle with a tamper-evident pipette. The opaque amber bottle protects the blend’s purity, and the pipette ensures the dispenser is clean, wholesome and protected and allows you to dispense the oil carefully without dripping. Just place a few drops on a vaporiser, chakra bracelet, necklace, crystals or stones and enjoy.




Your heart energy centre is vital to your sense of well-being, compassion and self-acceptance. It bridges the span between your physical being and your spiritual and emotional energies. Love is the unifying force, and the heart chakra is the unifying energy that allows you to move through life with a warm, loving kindness towards yourself and others.


Balancing this chakra brings you a serenity that is whole and inspiring, a love that is unconditional and accepting. To aid your journey to a harmonious heart chakra, we’ve blended together some of the heart chakra’s most vital oils:

  • Rose oil opens the heart chakra to help you experience unlimited love in all of its forms. It has the highest spiritual frequency and is a key element in our oil blend, supplemented with rose geranium.
  • The fresh citrus scents of lemon and neroli give you a sense of security, a key component to opening yourself up to love and kindness. They also inspire you to trust and open your heart energy to the beauty of life.
  • Sandalwood helps your heart chakra connect with your sacral and root chakras, helping to create an eventual balance of all seven chakras.
  • Lavender adds a complementary floral note and helps you to find the tranquillity you need to open yourself to the possibilities of a balanced heart chakra.

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Love, forgiveness, acceptance and compassion are all buoyed with this essential oil. If you’re feeling withdrawn, disconnected from others or unable to accept life’s many changes, using this blend may be a step toward healing and balance. Chakra devotees believe that a blocked heart chakra can manifest in these relationship deficits with yourself and others. This oil is custom-blended to provide relief in conjunction with other spiritual and physical activities.

Rose, an ingredient of Blended Valley Heart Chakra Oil


Bee on a flower

Each of our premium Blended Valley essential oil blends begins with natural Apricot Kernel oil – it’s a popular choice for massage and aromatherapy oils. This oil is enhanced with a unique assortment of other highly effective therapeutic grade essential oils. These oils include energising lemon and soothing lavender. Jasmine absolute helps improve your mood, and rose absolute is one of the most cherished aromas in the world. Rose absolute is used in dozens of perfumes and lotions, baking, room deodorisers and bath fizzes.

In this essential oil, rose absolute is used for its gorgeous scent as well as its calming and soothing properties. Rose geranium oil, often simply referred to as geranium oil also imparts a rosy scent to this oil and aids in developing a positive outlook. Neroli is derived from the bitter orange tree’s flowers, infusing this essential oil blend with a sweet, faintly spicy scent. Ylang ylang also contributes to the floral aroma of this essential oil blend and works as a mood improver. Sandalwood complements all of the other essential oils in aroma and function, adding another sweet, woody fragrance and a calming influence.


Blended Valley Heart Chakra Oil can be used in essential oil diffusers, incense burners and vaporisers; follow device instructions for best results. This therapeutic grade essential oil can be placed next to pillowcases, facemasks or on aromatherapy bracelets and other jewellery.

Blended Valley Heart Chakra Oil in front of aromatherapy oil burners

It is with great sadness that we are closing our business and Blended Valley products will no longer be available.We would just like to thank all our customers for your valued support, we hope you have enjoyed using our products as much as we have enjoyed making them.