Meditation Essential Oil Blend (30ml)


A meditation aid to promote a state of relaxation and wellbeing. A blend of Lavender, Nutmeg, Geranium and Apricot Kernel Oil can be used during mindfulness practices and to aid meditation.

Use with an aromatherapy diffuser, oil burner or vaporiser.

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ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF LIFE WITH AROMA OIL Achieving a quiet meditative state helps you to find insight into your life and the world around you. For some, meditation is about living in the present, seeing and appreciating the abundant beauty in life. For others, it’s a path to the divine or a means to more deeply connect mind and body. Aromatherapy oils help you to reach a more focused meditative state more easily so you can enjoy every moment of your life.

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INSTANT RELAXATION WITH FRAGRANT OILS The link between our olfactory senses and our emotions was proven long ago, and this connection is what makes aromatherapy a powerful complement to meditation. Inhale your potent Meditation Oil before or during meditation, and your brain begins to associate that scent with a deep meditative state. Eventually, you can just take a whiff of our Meditation Oil, and you’ll instantly feel more relaxed, focused and contemplative.

RELAX AND MEDITATE LIKE A MASTER Reaching the ultimate enlightened state requires practice, focus and the ability to open your mind. Sometimes, it may also require specially designed, high-quality aids to reach that meditative, spiritual state. Our Meditation Oil is one such top-calibre aid, especially when used on a special meditation pillow or meditation beads. You can become an advanced meditator, and our premium Meditation Oil is one of the keys.

Meditation Aromatherapy Oil Blend

HIGH QUALITY OIL BLEND MADE IN THE UK This versatile oil can be used in many ways. Place a few drops on your reed diffuser or salt lamp to help quieten your mind and relax your body. Add a few drops to an oil burner or hot soak. It’s also ideal for chakra necklaces, bracelets, atomisers and homemade room deodorising misters. This Meditation Oil is a smart purchase with a lot of value.




Scientists, practitioners and physicians are still discovering all of the ways that meditation aided by aromatherapy can benefit your emotional, physical and spiritual health.
This Meditation Oil is designed to be particularly effective both physically and mentally, providing your mind with the quiet focus you need and the physical relaxation and calm you require. This is achieved through a careful selection of essential oils. Alone, they are highly effective. Together, as they are in this blend, they are supremely potent, especially with meditation tools.



* Lavender is well-known for its soothing and calming properties. It has a natural calming effect that quietens both the mind and the body so you can meditate more freely and deeply.
* Nutmeg amplifies lavender’s relaxing properties, also working to calm your nerves and promote sleep and relaxation.
* Geranium balances emotions, relieves stress and reduces tension so you open your mind more readily to enlightenment.
We know that you’ll love this beautiful-smelling, highly effective Meditation Oil just as much as we do, and we back up that certainty with a Satisfaction Guarantee.


Are you searching for your purpose in life? Do you want to forget daily life’s rushed schedules and learn to appreciate your surroundings? Do you wish to be more present for your kids or spouse? Meditation and our Meditation Oil are good ways to get started on that path to fulfillment.

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Lavender, an ingredient of Meditation Aromatherapy Oil Blend

Only the most natural, premium oils will do for our line of aromatherapy oil blends, and that holds true for our Meditation Oil too. As a base for this blend, we use apricot kernel oil. This oil’s colourless, odourless nature is the perfect medium for our aromatic essential oils, allowing the varied scent notes to come through in a symphony of gorgeous fragrance.

To the high-quality carrier oil, we add some of the world’s most treasured meditation-friendly essential oils. These include essential oils known for their calming, relieving properties such as lavender, nutmeg and geranium. To these floral and spicy scents, we add the tantalising scent of pine, which has a terrific smell. Its specific purpose in this blend is to provide an uplift in mood so you can open your mind to the universe’s possibilities during meditation. We also use the sacred essential oils of frankincense and myrrh. Frankincense Oil helps to ground you, relieve muscle tension and decrease stress and anxiety. Similarly, myrrh oil calms nerves and reduces muscle tension so you can achieve a deeper state of relaxation and focus.


Meditation Oil is compatible with most burners, diffusers, vaporisers and aromatherapy devices. It’s also suitable for meditation tools, including meditation masks and beads. For best results, follow your device’s instructions for the amount of oil to use. This oil blend can be used alone or with other Blended Valley oils.

Meditation Aromatherapy Oil Blend next to salt lamp

It is with great sadness that we are closing our business and Blended Valley products will no longer be available. We would just like to thank all our customers for your valued support, we hope you have enjoyed using our products as much as we have enjoyed making them.