Negative Energy Clearance Oil (30ml)


Get rid of negative energy attached to you and protect yourself from it’s effects. Use during guided meditation to clear negative energies from your environment.

Negative Energy Clearance Oil is a blend of Peppermint, Sage and Clove Essential Oils in Apricot Kernel Oil.

This oil blend can be used during aura or house cleansing to balance and attract positive energy.

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TRANSFORM NEGATIVITY INTO LOVE AND LIGHT WITH AROMA OILS There’s a buoyant feeling that comes with dispelling negative energy from your space and your body. You feel lighter; the world seems brighter. It’s suddenly easier to look upon friends and strangers with love and acceptance. Your Negative Energy Clearing Oil uses a creative mix of essential oil known for their ability to scrub negative energy vibrations from your world. The result is a happier and more positive you.

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CLEAR NEGATIVITY LIKE A PROFESSIONAL WITH FRAGRANCE OIL Expert aromatherapists and spiritual healers understand the importance of using high-quality oils for their energy work. You can enjoy that same quality with our healing oil blend. We use only the most respected essential oils and apricot kernel oil, and we preserve their character by hand-blending each bottle. This care and attention create a top-calibre oil that you’re proud to use in your own home.

ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND MADE IN THE UK Blended Valley oil blends give you high value and positive results. For this blend, we carefully chose only oils with negative-energy-clearing ability and only those that when combined, offer the greatest effect, aroma and strength.

Negative Energy Clearance Aromatherapy Oil With Mandala

GET A LIFT WITH EACH BREATH This Oil is crafted to preserve each essential oil’s scent while beautifully combining together for a potent, effective blend. With each breath of your blend, you’ll revel in the uplifting positivity and absence of negative energy. We also preserve the aroma by bottling the oil in UV-resistant glass bottles that prevent it from degrading. Place a few drops on an aroma diffuser, salt lamp, aromatherapy necklace, bracelet, healing stones or crystals.




If you’ve ever left a coffee date with a good friend who’s perpetually happy and upbeat, and you’re suddenly feeling positive and more buoyant yourself, you innately understand the way that positive and negative emotions can be transferred to people and spaces. Sometimes, it’s as simple as walking into a room and feeling lighter and more engaged or instantly feeling gloomy or uncomfortable. The energy in a room can affect your own perceptions, just as the energy and aura of friends, coworkers and family members can dramatically influence your own feelings.



Our Negative Energy Clearing Oil is designed to help you eliminate those negative vibrational energies and protect yourself against the negativity of others. It does this by blending several essential oils together that, in concert and alone, are known for their ability to dispel negative energy or open pathways for positivity.
These oils include:
* Sage is a traditional herb used by Native American healers to ward off negative emotions, and it’s a frequent ingredient in smudging ceremonies. As an essential oil, it neutralises negativity and helps to guard your senses from future negative emotions.
* Peppermint eases tension and negativity, making way for more positive, uplifting energy.
* Clove adds a pleasing, warm scent to the blend while it also wards off negative energy.
* Pepper is protective and cleansing.
* Pine and ginger oils encourage positive energy to fill your space once negative energy is eliminated.


If you’ve ever entered a room and suddenly felt uncomfortable, angry or depressed, you probably sensed that the room had negative energy. Similarly, you can pick up these negative emotional energies from other people, Luckily, you can eliminate these negative energy vibrations, bring in positive energy and guard against future negativity with our essential oil blend.

Negative Energy Clearance Aromatherapy Oil - Place a Few Drops On Your Jewellery


Sage, an ingredient of Negative Energy Clearance Aromatherapy Oil

We craft our Negative Energy Clearing Oil with three goals in mind: potency, aroma and consistency. This quest for a powerful, beautiful-smelling and high-quality aromatherapy oil blend begins with apricot kernel oil. This oil is known for its light weight and odourless nature, and it’s an ideal base to allow other top-calibre essential oils to shine through.

To the carrier oil, we add in sage, a popular and traditional herb for smudge sticks and evil-clearing rituals. In oil form, sage has a deep, spicy scent with underlying notes of camphor. As an aromatherapy oil, sage abolishes negative energy and wards off future buildup of negative energy. We also layer in uplifting peppermint, which dispels negative tension as well as clove, which shields you from negative energy. Pepper oil boosts alertness and helps to protect against negative energy. The blend is completed with the addition of pine and ginger, both agents of positive energy. Together, these oils blend together to open your world to lighter, more beneficial energy flows as they eradicate negativity, darkness and gloom.


These special aromatherapy oil blends can be used in nearly any type of diffuser, burner or vaporiser. Simply follow your device’s directions, keeping in mind that your oil blend is diluted in carrier oil. You can also add a few drops of oil to healing stones, aromatherapy jewellery and mojo bags.

Negative Energy Clearance Oil With Aromatherapy Oil Burner

It is with great sadness that we are closing our business and Blended Valley products will no longer be available. We would just like to thank all our customers for your valued support, we hope you have enjoyed using our products as much as we have enjoyed making them.