Root Chakra Essential Oil Blend (30ml)


A chakra balancing oil blend for kundalini awakening and spiritual healing. Use during guided chakra meditation or chakra yoga to aid in root chakra healing.

Root Chakra Oil contains Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils and is ideal for aromatherapy diffusers and oil burners. It can also be used on healing crystals and stones.

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AROMATHERAPY OILS – FIND YOUR BALANCE AND VITALITY WITH EVERY BREATH Create the life of harmony and security you’re searching for with our unique, specially formulated healing oil. Simply place several drops on a reed diffuser or in an incense burner, and slowly breathe in the smell that balances your grounding root chakra.

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STAY GROUNDED WHEREVER YOU GO WITH FRAGRANCE OIL Whether you’re simply running errands, working or traveling; you can keep those lovely feelings of spiritual awakening, serenity and security with you. A few drops of our Root Chakra Oil on an essential oil or chakra bracelet, necklace, stones or crystals are enough to help you maintain your grounded state while you’re on the go.

CREATE YOUR HEALING SPACE WITH GORGEOUS SCENTED OIL You’ll relish the wonderful fragrance that fills your room when you diffuse this oil blend while just relaxing, meditating, practicing asanas or cleansing aura. Plus, you’ll spread love, joy and security to all those who enter your perfume filled space.

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HEALTH AND PERSONAL CARE Balancing your core chakra with our aromatic oil infuses your spirit with a sense of grounding and safety. Knowing that we’ve protected your oil in an opaque glass bottle, with a tamper-evident pipette gives you an assurance you need to know that you’re always getting a high quality, UK made, beautiful smelling and safe oil blend.




Feelings of trust, safety and connection achieved when you balance your most fundamental chakra with our blend. This chakra, Muladhara, is at the base of your spine, and it’s the foundation of your life balance and health; it’s the root source of your spiritual body’s energy pathways.


To help you awaken Kundalini we’ve blended high-quality aromatherapy oils that connect with your root chakra. After using this blend during meditation or yoga, you’ll feel more grounded and secure.


Frankincense gives a lemony pine smell to our oil blend that is grounding and uplifting, a perfect aromatherapy accompaniment to root chakra balancing.

The smoky, earthy scent of Myrrh is grounding and soothes your emotions so you can focus on your root chakra during Kundalini yoga and Ayurvedic practice.

Sweet orange calms and uplifts, while cypress helps you breathe whilst performing your chakra exercises.


If you are feeling edgy or stressed, our Blended Valley Root Chakra Oil may help. The relaxing, warm scent of this therapeutic grade essential oil helps you relax and find focus.

If your root chakra is out of balance, this essential oil is a great addition to your daily yoga and meditation practice.

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We begin with Apricot Kernel oil, the ideal base for fragrant premium essential oils. It’s a popular choice for massage and aromatherapy oils, it’s a terrific base, or carrier oil. Therapeutic grade essential oils of sweet orange, cypress, rosewood, frankincense, myrrh and vetiver are added to the base oil for a unique and effective blend.

Each bottle is hand-blended to ensure its quality and integrity and to uniquely address the traits associated with the root chakra. Sweet orange offers a citrus scent to the blend, working as an air deodoriser. Cypress is energising and a bearer of a spicy, woody aroma.

Rosewood gives this oil a unique combination of woody, spicy, fruity and floral fragrances that complement the other essential oils well. Rosewood is known for its ability to spur happy feelings. Sacred oils of frankincense and myrrh are warm, earthy scents that are calming and relaxing. Vetiver oil soothes and lifts up your emotions, bringing with it an appealing earthy and woody aroma.


This therapeutic grade essential oil blend can be used in most diffusers and burners; for best results, follow device instructions. A drop or two can also be applied to aromatherapy bracelets or crystals and healing stones. Apply to your root chakra, or place a drop on the underside of a pillowcase or face mask. Some oils should not be used by pregnant or nursing women.

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It is with great sadness that we are closing our business and Blended Valley products will no longer be available.We would just like to thank all our customers for your valued support, we hope you have enjoyed using our products as much as we have enjoyed making them.