Spiritual Gift Set


Three essential oils blends – use with an aromatherapy diffuser or burner during meditation – makes a great spiritual gift.

Astral projection – for deep relaxation and serenity to aid astral projection.

Meditation – a meditation aid to promote a state of relaxation and wellbeing.

Sleep oil – for better rest, relaxation and to help you sleep better.

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RELAX AND MEDITATE LIKE A MASTER WITH AROMATHERAPY OILS Experienced meditators know that it takes practice and focus to reach a deeply relaxed state conducive to enlightened meditation and astral travel. Sometimes, it also requires specially designed, high-quality aids like our essential oil blends to achieve a transcendent or enlightened place. Our high-quality blends are ideal for this use, especially when placed in a reed diffuser next to a meditation cushion or yoga mat.

Spiritual Aromatherapy Oil Gift Set in front of salt lamp

PURE RELAXATION WITH ESSENTIAL OILS Whether you seek meditative enlightenment or a good night’s sleep, our aromatherapy oil is a great solution. The link between your olfactory senses and emotions is well proven, making aromatherapy a powerful sleep, meditation and astral travel aid. For these uses, you deserve a high-calibre relaxation experience. That’s why we use only pure, natural essential oils, free of synthetic additives and suitable for any aromatherapy device, healing stones or crystals.

BEAUTIFUL FRAGRANCE OILS HANDMADE IN THE UK For your safety and quality experience, we take great care with each element of our oil selection, blending and shipping process. We blend our essential oils by hand and package them in safe UV-resistant bottles that prevent oil spoilage. We also include in your purchase a tamper-evident pipette that ensures only you have used your oil blend. In this way, you always know your oil is safe and long-lasting.

Spiritual Aromatherapy Oil Gift Set - Astral Projection, Meditation and Sleep oil

GIVE THE GIFT OF REST, SLEEP AND ENLIGHTENMENT. This gift set collection of essential oil blends is a thoughtful gift for anyone who needs better sleep, focus or direction. Studies show that essentials oils like lavender and chamomile can improve sleep and relaxation. Experts recommend using these oils in aromatherapy for several days to improve length and quality of sleep and meditation. The result of this productive restful time is better mental function during awake hours.



A Beautiful Gift Set

Spiritual Aromatherapy Oil Gift Set in front of oil burner

This gift collection of oil blends is designed to help you achieve blissful sleep and deep meditation that recharges and sustains your body.

Sleep Oil brings together potent essential oils, giving you restorative, refreshing sleep. Bergamot, known for its ability to relieve insomnia, gives you the mood boost you may need to fall asleep peacefully. The oil also uses the calming and sleep-promoting properties of lavender and chamomile. Vetiver gives this blend an added boost, encouraging sleep and enhancing alertness during waking hours.


Meditation Oil soothes with lavender and relaxes with comforting nutmeg. As lavender oil calms you, geranium balances your emotions and reduces tension for deep meditation.


Astral Travel Oil encourages intense relaxation and focus with innervating lemon oil, calming lavender and empowering and protective cinnamon oil. The frankincense in this oil grounds you, expands your awareness and encourages transcendence.
Try this trio out risk-free today.

Blended Valley Aromatherapy Oil Gift Set


Take your meditations and astral travel to the next level with our trio of relaxing, focus-enhancing essential oil blends. Frantic schedules, countless responsibilities and less-than-stellar nutrition can impede good sleep, deep relaxation and astral projection. Our oils hone your mental focus during meditation and beyond, helping you to achieve the relaxation and concentration you need to sleep, meditate and explore more spiritual realms.

Astral Projection, Meditation and Sleep Oil - Spiritual Aromatherapy Oil Gift Set


Astral Projection, Meditation and Sleep Oil - Spiritual Gift Set

If you’re searching for natural sleep or meditation remedies, you’ll appreciate the clean purity of this aromatherapy oil blends gift set. We are committed to giving you natural and wholesome solutions for your health and spiritual needs.

That’s why we carefully examine our essential oil suppliers, choosing only those that meet our rigorous standards for character, function, aroma and quality. We use apricot kernel oil for the base of all our aromatherapy blends. It is our choice because it’s a neutral and lightweight carrier oil that allows aromatic essential oils to take centre stage. To our base we add a variety of essential oils that enhance and amplify one another, both in scent and benefit. We always perform this blending by hand to ensure that the oils retain their quality and purity. This care and attention create an unbelievably fresh, potent and beautifully complex aroma. All Blended Valley oils are made in a cruelty-free environment, free of synthetic additives and suitable for vegan use. We never add synthetic or chemical aromas to our oils; instead, we build up an aromatic fragrance profile using wholesome complementary oils that build up appealing layers of scent. We preserve these volatile oil compounds in amber-coloured glass bottles that protect your oil from light-induced spoilage and damage.


This trio of oil blends is suitable for nearly any aromatherapy device, including burners, diffusers, vaporisers and misters. If diluted with water they can be used on a special pillowcase, sleep mask, talismans, mojo bags, aromatherapy jewellery, aromatherapy stones and meditation beads. If you’re using the oils with an aromatherapy burner or diffuser, follow the device’s instructions for best results. For use on aromatherapy jewellery or meditation beads, a few drops of oil are sufficient.

Spiritual Aromatherapy Gift Set - A Beautiful Gift

It is with great sadness that we are closing our business and Blended Valley products will no longer be available.We would just like to thank all our customers for your valued support, we hope you have enjoyed using our products as much as we have enjoyed making them.