Third Eye Chakra Oil (30ml)


A chakra balancing oil blend to awaken intuition, psychic abilities, creativity and help chakra healing. Use during guided meditation or yoga with an aromatherapy diffuser or oil burner.

Third Eye Chakra Oil is a blend of Bay, Clary, Rosemary, Helichrysum and Patchouli essential oils in Apricot oil.

It can also can be applied to healing stones, crystals or jewellery.

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Aromatherapy oils and chakra meditation. In its self-healing, balanced state, the third eye chakra allows you to see the inner and outer world. It guides your life in meaningful and enriching ways to heal yourself. Spiritual healing helps to move beyond thoughts that limit dreams, ideas and creativity. This healing fragrance oil is blended to help balance the chakra so you can use all of your spiritual gifts.

Third Eye Chakra Mandala

Yoga or relaxation with an essential oil blend. You can achieve greater wellness by using asanas aids or taking time out to relax. Our aroma oil is helping you to attain the clarity and guiding inner voice that are vital to the third eye. Whether you’re working to keep Kundalini energy flowing from root to crown chakra or you’re searching for your intuitive self or to develop psychic abilities, Blended Valley Third Eye Chakra Oil is crafted to aid your journey.

Scented oil helps to discover the wisdom of the ages. For a well-lived life pure essential oils have been used by healers for thousands of years. We’ve used that knowledge about essential oil extraction, preparation and use to create our hand-blended aromatherapy oil. Place a few drops on a reed diffuser, oil burner, ultrasonic humidifier or any essential oil diffusers and enjoy the aroma. Your blend is well-suited to incense burners and misters as well.

Earth in space - Third Eye path to wisdom and sight

Find your sight wherever you can. Just as you are a unique being, the way you balance your third eye is one-of-a-kind. We blend your Third Eye Chakra Oil in apricot kernel oil so you can use it in whatever way that enlivens and opens your mind. You can anoint your third eye, or infuse healing stones with your oil. It’s also ideal for use on a chakra bracelet, crystal bracelet or Buddhist bracelet so you can keep your third eye focus with you always.




Open your mind, listen to your guiding voice and honour your wisdom and intelligence. Your third eye energy center is your conscience. It is your intuition and spirituality. A balanced third eye is equally influenced by right and left brain hemispheres. It transcends time and helps you to see life as it is and as it can be.

This open-minded spirit is often found through meditation, yoga asanas and Kundalini energy work aided by specific aromatherapy oils. We’ve taken great care in blending our third eye chakra oils to help you on your path to wisdom and sight.



Your third eye chakra oil contains several key essential oils:

  • Bay is recognized as a key essential oil to third eye development, heightening your awareness and expanding your perception. It enhances clairvoyance and was used for ancient spiritual prophecies.
  • Clary is another sacred oil used to aid your third eye balance, so you can explore your intuitive self.
  • Rosemary enhances your ability to focus, stay in the moment and concentrate on your guiding voice. Its aroma has long held many physical, emotional and spiritual healing benefits. The herb’s woody perfume is inspiring and stirring, perfect for the insightful, intuitive traits associated with your third eye.
  • Helichrysum and patchouli are known for their ability to open and balance your third eye.


Do you wish you could tap into your intuition and insight more easily and productively? Do you want a balanced conscience, stimulated imagination and improved memory? Our Third Eye Chakra Oil is custom-blended to help you develop these traits. Whether you follow the teaching and beliefs of chakras, the essential oils included in this blend spurs your mental focus and energises your intentions.

Sunset in Bagan, Myanmar


Rosemary, an ingredient in Third Eye Chakra Oil

Our Third Eye Chakra Oil is meticulously created using a base of natural apricot kernel oil. This carrier oil is the ideal base for fragrant premium essential oils because it is fairly neutral with just a hint of nutty fragrance. It is a popular choice for massage and aromatherapy oils.

To help stimulate your perception and insight, we add bay laurel essential oil. This essential oil brings a little bit of nearly every scent to the table. You may be more familiar with this shrub in cooking. Its woody, spicy, fruity and faintly floral scent complements a wide range of other essential oils scents and gives the entire blend a richness you’ll adore. We also add clary sage, an earthy aroma that has a little note of fruit. In aromatherapy applications, clary sage encourages relaxation. Peace-inducing clary sage is balanced in our blend with enervating rosemary. The warm, woody and camphor scent of rosemary is familiar and reassuring to many, and it also inspires you to focus. Helichrysum brings a honeyed herb aroma to this blend and is a restorative, rejuvenating aroma. Rounding out our specially blended oil is the musky, sweet scent of patchouli which improves mood and outlook.


This therapeutic grade essential oil blend can be used in most diffusers, burners, vaporisers and misters; follow your device instructions for best results. Add a few drops of oil to hot water to create your own at-home aromatherapy or add a drop to aromatherapy bracelets for on-the-go use. Check with a doctor before using if you are pregnant or nursing.

Third Eye Chakra Oil in front of candle

It is with great sadness that we are closing our business and Blended Valley products will no longer be available.We would just like to thank all our customers for your valued support, we hope you have enjoyed using our products as much as we have enjoyed making them.