Throat Chakra Essential Oil Blend (30ml)


A chakra balancing oil blend to help with throat chakra healing and to improve your communication and self-expression. It is especially effective when used during guided meditation or yoga.

Throat Chakra Oil is a mix of bright and warm Ginger, cool Lime, calming Basil and Chamomile and comforting Cinnamon essential oils in Apricot Kernel oil.

This blend is ideal for a diffuser or burner, but you can also apply the oil to healing stones, crystals or bracelets.

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AROMATHERAPY OILS AND CHAKRA BALANCING. Knowing, accepting and honestly expressing your truth is the fruit of a balanced throat chakra. As you focus on this first of the more spiritual chakras, you can find your purpose, strengthen your integrity and place your spirit on the path of creativity, honesty and wisdom. As you use our healing aroma oil blend, you’ll find that your meditations and yoga asanas aimed at chakra balancing are more inspired, effective and truthful.

Throat Chakra Mandala

FRAGRANCE OIL – “TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE”. Authenticity and clarity can bring a wholeness to your life that is empowering and fulfilling. We care, too, about your authentic experience, and strive for our own by providing you with genuine, natural essential oils that fulfil their purpose. You can always count on us and our high-quality oil blends that strengthen your spiritual quest. Just place a few drops on chakra healing crystals, stones or a pendant and enjoy.

HEALING AROMA – PURITY OF VOICE AND MEDIUM. Vishuddha, translates to purity, and we carry that vision as we create our oil blend. This versatile blend can be used in many aromatherapy and spiritual applications. Add it to a vaporiser, aroma or reed diffuser, or keep your quest for truth with you always by adding a few drops to an aromatherapy bracelet or chakra necklace.

Throat Chakra Oil Ingredients

BEST FRIEND GIFTS – THE GIFT OF PEACE IN TRUTH. As you discover your authentic, creative voice, you will want to share this gift and peace with others. The beauty, exquisite aroma and inspiring effectiveness of our Chakra Oil makes a beautiful, kind and encouraging gift to a friend who seeks to understand his or her own identity.

OUR ESSENTIAL OILS ARE USED BY PROFESSIONAL AROMATHERAPISTS Expert aromatherapists, yogi and meditation guides understand the power of pure essential oils to ensure a mindful experience. They trust only high quality aromatherapy oils, custom blends and the most effective, complementary combinations. They trust Blended Valley Oils, and you can too.

Seven Chakras Aromatherapy Gift Set

YOGA, MEDITATION, CHAKRA HEALING AND BALANCING We’ve selected essential oils that will help you in any of those pursuits. Our blends contain most precious oils: Basil, Bay, Bergamot, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Geranium, Ginger, Helichrysum, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lime, Myrrh, Neroli, Patchouli, Petitgrain, Rose, Rosemary, Rosewood, Sage, Sandalwood, Tangerine and Ylang-Ylang.


YOU DESERVE NATURAL, PURE OILS Our unique oil blends are made in the UK with pure essential oils, free of synthetic additives. We blend each bottle by hand to preserve its character, and we protect the oil’s long-term quality by packaging it in amber glass bottles that prevent spoilage.

7 Chakras Gift Set

BEAUTIFUL GIFTS This set makes a beautiful spiritual gift for anyone who is interested in the subtle body’s energy work, Kundalini awakening, aura cleansing, mindfulness and the mind-body connection. It’s also an ideal present for friends who enjoy aromatherapy oils or exquisite aroma. Find your vitality by creating the life of balance, harmony and security with our unique, specially formulated oil blends.

Why Our Oil Blends Work?

Balanced chakras are your energy pathway to creativity, passion, radiant acceptance of yourself and your life, pleasure, emotionally healthy relationships and sexuality.

We’ve faithfully chosen oils for these blends that help to clear and balance these energy pathways so you can build relationships with yourself and others that are peaceful, truthful and intimate.

Experience The Blended Valley Oils Collection

Use them singly or try them with one another for a unique experience that is tailored to your needs. Testimonials are from real customers, but individual results depend on a variety of factors.


Imagine moving through life with confidence, discipline and a sense of your own self-worth. Envision a future for yourself in which you naturally maintain your own personal boundaries, exhibit emotional control and pursue your dreams with purpose. Balancing chakras brings you a serenity that is whole and inspiring, a love that is unconditional and accepting. To aid your journey to a state of harmonious chakras, we’ve blended together some of the chakra’s most vital oils.

Chakra Oils Gift Set - A Beautiful Gift


7 Chakras Aromatherapy Oils Gift Set

We use only high quality oils so you have fabulous-smelling aromatherapy blends that give you a natural, effective way to improve your mind-body experience and connect with the universe. We begin crafting the blends with apricot oil, which is lightweight and odourless. Custom blending all of our oils individually with the highest quality oils ensures a top-notch aromatherapy experience. Here are the natural essential oils we’ve chosen to complement your journey towards peace, relaxation and enlightenment:

Rose oil: Aroma of the rose inspires positive thoughts, joy and hope.

Frankincense: Sacred frankincense instils feelings of peace while reducing anxiety and stress.

Myrrh: Ancient myrrh calms nerves and enhances a sense of spirituality and peace.

Sandalwood: This oil aids mental clarity and tranquillity.

Ylang-Ylang: A hint of floral boosts this woodsy oil’s scent and enhances mood.

Rosewood to calm your emotions, gives you a mood boost and releases mental clutter.

Inspiration is spurred by lemon oil, a spiritual cleanser that rejuvenates and stimulates your mind.

Floral and citrus notes give bergamot a luscious aroma, but the true star of this essential oil is its ability to elicit feelings of joy, strength and success.

Lavender calms your nerves, adding a warm comfort to the blend.

The symbol of love, rose is the quintessential essence of femininity. Rose evokes contentment and happiness, helping you to see the possibilities of your life and your power.


Place a few drops of any Oil Blend in an aroma diffuser, oil burner, humidifier or on a salt lamp to create a luscious aromatherapy session. These oils can also be used with a variety of esoteric, Ayurvedic and New Age charms, healing crystals, stones, bracelets, chakra necklaces.

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Throat Chakra Aromatherapy Oil in front of stones

Picture leading a life of authenticity, confidence, honesty and purpose. Imagine feeling the strength and wherewithal to speak the truth as you see it, seeking knowledge where you can and living creatively. That’s the power of a balanced throat chakra. We hope you think of us as your partner in this pursuit of authentic life, as we’ve crafted a healing aromatherapy blend that aids your chakra balancing.


  • In this blend, you’ll find a host of beneficial oils, chosen specifically for their ability to aid your throat chakra.
  • The fresh, herbal fragrance of basil is a key ingredient in your throat chakra blend, easing your mental fatigue, that may be keeping you from finding your true self. Basil also relaxes your respiratory passages, literally giving you the breath to speak your truth.
  • Citrus is often used in throat chakra balancing, and in this blend, you’ll find the invigorating scent and benefits of lime oil. Like basil, lime opens your nasal passages and calms your mind so you can focus on balancing this key center of energy.
  • The soft, comforting aroma of Chamomile eases your anxiety, opening your world to a more honest, wisdom-seeking approach. This aids your throat chakra work by giving you the peace and curiosity you’ll need to find your truth.
  • Spicy, warm cinnamon and ginger oils boost your confidence and accepting nature, encouraging you to communicate openly and honestly.


If you want to feel confident and right in speaking your truth, you will want to try this Throat Chakra Oil. If you are looking to be open and honest in your communications, to welcome life’s possibilities and to sharpen your creativity, our blend of basil, lime and ginger is for you. Its formula is designed to help you balance Throat Chakra and remove negativity, self-doubt and lack of integrity from your life.


Chamomile, an ingredient in Throat Chakra Aromatherapy Oil

This superior quality Blended Valley essential oil blend begins with a base of natural Apricot Kernel oil. We prefer this oil as a carrier oil for its slightly nutty fragrance and its ability to mix well with many other essences of herbs, fruits, flowers and woods.

It’s a popular choice for massage and aromatherapy oils. To this oil base, we add basil, known for its spicy herbal scent. In aromatherapy form, basil improves mental focus. We also blend in the fresh citrus aroma of lime oil. Lime and most other citrus-based oils have an energising factor. This ingredient helps you develop a positive outlook, improve emotional balance and give your space a bright, clean aroma. Soothing chamomile roman helps to focus your thoughts in a calm manner, thanks to its sweet, fruity fragrance. Cinnamon bark adds a spicy, warm and comforting note to the essential oil. This innovative blend is completed with the addition of ginger. It can enhance mood and is a comforting, energising scent for many people.


This therapeutic grade essential oil blend can be used with commercial diffusers, burners and misters; follow device instructions. A few drops can be added to hot water to create your own at-home aromatherapy. A drop or two can also be applied to aromatherapy bracelets or crystals and healing stones. Pregnant and nursing women: check with a physician before use.

Throat Chakra Oil in front of oil burner

It is with great sadness that we are closing our business and Blended Valley products will no longer be available.We would just like to thank all our customers for your valued support, we hope you have enjoyed using our products as much as we have enjoyed making them.