Water Elemental Oil Blend (30ml)


Use Water Elemental Oil during yoga or chakra meditation, to align with nature and evoke psychic powers.

This essential oil blend can be used with an aromatherapy diffuser, oil burner or vaporiser.

Lemon and jasmine in apricot oil provide great aromatherapy benefits and have a beautiful, calming perfume.

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AROMATHERAPY OILS AND GOOD HEALTH Traditional healers, nutritionists and yogi use nature to help guide you to good health. Connecting to the elements through aromatherapy essential oils is easy since our bodies are predominantly made of fluid. Our aromatherapy oil can help you connect, balance and evoke the water element in your life for better health.

Water Elemental Aromatherapy Oil - Balancing Your Energy With the Elemental Oils

HEALING OIL BLEND Our healing oil is crafted to address the needs of the water element that is related to healing and emotions. Jasmine essential oil scent is associated with love. Fresh fragrance of lemongrass essential oil promotes purification. Ylang-Ylang essential oil and frankincense oil are associated with compassion and forgiveness. This attention to the relationship between plants and elements helps ensure you receive an effective aromatherapy oil blend.


ENJOY AROMA VERSATILITY We blend high-quality essential oils in apricot kernel oil for versatile use. Add a few drops to a reed or oil diffuser or oil burner to aid relaxation, meditation and yoga. Mix with water in a spray bottle to mist a room or bed linen with this restorative aroma. Add oil to a special talisman, aromatherapy bracelet or offering for special effect. A few drops in a bath makes a nice soak, and it can also anoint a yoga mat or healing crystals and stones.

Stones Balanced In Front Of Water

ESSENTIAL OILS BLEND MADE IN THE UK We ensure that you receive a safe, pure oil blend that is as beautiful smelling as it is effective. We bottle your Water oil in opaque amber glass bottles that prevent light from damaging and spoiling the oil. We use a tamper-evident pipette that gives you confidence your dispenser remains uncontaminated in transit. Your quest for health and spirituality is important, and we honour that journey by giving you one of the safest oils possible.




Water or fluid naturally flows through your system, making up about 80% of your body. According to most elemental philosophies, your body needs enough fluid reserves to handle whatever challenges life throws at you. While many traditional healing therapies such as acupuncture seek to restore balance to the element, some believe that you can assist this rebalancing by pursuing Ayurvedic yoga aided by aromatherapy. Others appreciate the use of spiritual activities to seek balance in the water element.


When aromatherapy is used to rebalance an element, it’s important to use essential oils that are related to the vibrational energy of that element. For water, these oils include lemongrass, jasmine and ylang-ylang, essential oils that are found in our unique water element oil.
Jasmine, for instance, is often featured in water element balancing as it offers a calming influence and relieves despair. When used as a complement to yoga and meditation, it soothes out tension, allowing you to focus more fully on your connection to and balance of the water element.


When you enjoy a well-balanced connection with water, you experience inner peace, fulfillment and wisdom. You are compassionate, loving, courageous and forgiving, and your intuition is attuned to the world around you. Out of balance, you may find yourself unfocused and unreasonably fearful. Bringing your water element back into balance can be helped with our Water Oil and Ayurvedic or traditional Chinese healing.

Water Elemental Mandala


Jasmine, an ingredient of Water Elemental Aromatherapy Oil

Our superior quality aromatherapy oil blend uses apricot kernel oil as a base. This odourless, lightweight carrier oil is ideal because its scent doesn’t compete with the aromas of our essential oils. Rather, the carrier oil serves as a neutral base that allows the various essential oil fragrances to meld together in a lovely bouquet. For this Water Oil blend, we add lemongrass, jasmine absolute, palmarosa and ylang-ylang to the base carrier oil. This combination of essential oils creates a unique, highly effective water element oil.

Jasmine and ylang-ylang are popular oils to use for water element imbalances. They provide floral notes and a calming presence. Lemongrass is uplifting and helps to balance emotions. Fittingly, Palmarosa is a hydrating essential oil. These are all beneficial traits to help you stay focused during meditation while working to balance your connection to the water element. All carrier and essential oils in our blend are natural and free from synthetic additives. Our oil is cruelty-free and suitable for vegan use.


Place a few drops of Water Oil in your favourite diffuser or burner to create a luscious aromatherapy session.

This oil can also be used with a variety of esoteric, Ayurvedic and New Age charms, spells and crystals.

Pregnant and nursing women should consult with a physician before using.

Aromatherapy Oil Burner

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