Wellbeing Aromatherapy Gift Set


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Gift Set – four natural blends for a better Lifestyle.

Concentration oil – help concentration, focus, alertness and cognition.

Energy oil – fight stress and fatigue, invigorate mind and body, relieve tiredness and lighten mood.

Sleep oil – for better sleep, rest and relaxation.

Relaxation oil – for relaxation, stress relief and better sleep as well as mood lifting.

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Sleep, energy, concentration and relax aromatherapy oils - Wellbeing Aromatherapy Oil Gift SetNATURAL AROMATHERAPY OILS ARE THE BEST When you’re seeking an aromatherapy oil that helps you concentrate, energise, relax and sleep, you deserve a wholesome, genuine product. We use only natural, pure essential oils in our aromatherapy blends creating incredible scents that are potent and clear. This means we never have to use synthetic additives to amplify our blends’ fragrance; what you receive from us is pure, amazing and effective.

BECOME MORE EFFICIENT WITH FRAGRANCE OILS Researchers report that some aromatherapy oils aid brain function, enhance memory, increase concentration and improve sleep quality. We’ve used that research to develop the highly effective essential oil blends in this special gift pack. With each blend, we’ve brought together some of the world’s best-known oils for sleep, relaxation, energy or cognitive performance, carefully blending them to create a terrific-smelling aromatherapy that calms and relaxes.


FEEL HEALTHIER WITH AROMA OILS Aromatherapy works in a unique way, affecting your olfactory system and brain, which trigger responses in your body’s other systems. With this in mind, you want high-quality natural help for sleep, focus, energy and relaxation that don’t compromise your health. Our blends are always premium-quality, free from synthetic chemicals and pesticide and herbicide residues. We create and blend our oils in the UK, in a cruelty-free environment.

Wellbeing Aromatherapy Oil Gift Set - A Beautiful Gift

ESSENTIAL OILS ARE SO EASY TO ENJOY Imagine feeling relaxed or energised, focused and at ease throughout the day. There are many ways to use the oil blends in this gift collection to make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Add a few drops to your bathwater for a relaxing bath. Spritz it on your meditation cushion or yoga mat. Place some oil on a cotton ball and leave it in your car. Use them in a reed diffuser, vaporiser, humidifier or on an aromatherapy necklace or bracelet, healing stones or crystals.




Staying sharp and focused throughout your day is easier if you take care of yourself with proper sleep and periods of relaxation. This gift set brings together all of the essential oil blends that can help you with all of those endeavours.


Relax Aromatherapy Oil - for better relaxationRelaxation Oil improves relaxation with mandarin oil, lavender and cardamom. Mandarin helps ease the frayed nerves that impede rest, while lavender reduces anxiety.


Concentration Aromatherapy Oil - for better concentrationConcentration Oil utilizes the power of basil to improve awareness, clear your mind and boost memory. The blend amplifies basil’s effects with memory and with learning enhancing bergamot and energising rosemary. Juniper and pine are also added to the blend to elevate your alertness.


Natural Sleep Aromatherapy OilSleep Oil is a marriage of the best known essential oils for encouraging and improving sleep, including bergamot, chamomile, lavender and vetiver. This combination helps you to fall asleep more easily and to enjoy a more restful, deep sleep.


Energy Aromatherapy Oil - improve energyEnergy Oil contains Grapefruit, lime, juniper and cardamom essential oils which are some of nature’s energy boosters. A natural way to spur your energy when fatigue and tiredness set in.


Concentration, relax, energy and sleep aromatherapy oil gift setIf you want to wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed, focused and energised, this gift set is a great start. It’s designed to help you throughout your day and evening.

If lack of sleep is impairing your concentration, function and enjoyment in life, Sleep Oil is beneficial.

If a foggy head and disjointed thoughts are keeping you from accomplishing the things you want in life, our Concentration Oil can help.

If you find it difficult to let go of the challenges of your day, try out our Relaxation Oil.

If you need to clear mental fog, sharpen your focus and enjoy a little extra zing, our Energy Oil will come in handy.


Quality, natural ingredients are important to you, and we honour your commitment to natural health and wellness by using all natural ingredients that are pure and wholesome.

Each essential oil blend in this gift set begins with a base of apricot kernel oil. We use this oil as our carrier oil of choice because it is lightweight and offers many beneficial attributes in its own right. It is also odourless so it’s an ideal medium for our very fragrant essential oils. To this base, we add several essential oils, chosen for their complementary fragrances and benefits.

In our Sleep Oil, we blend bergamot, Chamomile Roman, lavender and vetiver.

Our Concentration Oil contains basil, bergamot, lemongrass, rosemary, juniper, pine, ginger and Cedarwood Atlas.

For our Relaxation Oil, we combine mandarin, lavender, cardamom, neroli, petitgrain and ylang-ylang.

In our Energy Oil we’ve blended Grapefruit, lime, juniper and cardamom.

You can always count on all Blended Valley oil blends to be cruelty-free and suitable for vegan use. Our aromatherapy oil blends are also free of synthetic additives and we never try to boost scents with unnatural chemicals. We don’t need to. Our clean, pure essential oils carry their own powerful aroma, and we build up each blend’s aromatic fragrance profile by using complementary layering scents.

Aromatherapy oils can spoil if improperly stored or handled. That’s why we preserve these volatile oil compounds in amber-coloured glass bottles that protect your oil from light-induced spoilage and damage.


There are many ways to use the oil blends in this gift set, so feel free to get creative.

Fill your reed diffuser with Sleep Oil to give your body and mind the sleep it needs to recover from a busy day.

For that extra boost in the morning, use Energy Oil to perk you up.

When the afternoon slump comes, put Concentration Oil in your aromatherapy burner for a little mental lift.

Finally, relax at the end of the day with our Relaxation Oil to clear your mind of the burdens of the day.

It is with great sadness that we are closing our business and Blended Valley products will no longer be available.We would just like to thank all our customers for your valued support, we hope you have enjoyed using our products as much as we have enjoyed making them.