Healing Spirit and Emotions with Subtle Body Energy

You are an energy being, protected, empowered and strengthened by the universe around you, your life force, subtle body energy fields or aura, and your chakra energy centres. Those forces around you can be blocked or harmed though by negative life experiences, pain, stress and a host of hurtful emotions.


Some of these negative experiences can block your energy flow, building up and accumulating until they block your chakras from allowing you to enjoy an emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy existence. Sometimes, these negative energy blockages lead to disease or chronic illness. It’s no coincidence for instance, that stress has been proven clinically to lead to unhealthful weight gain and a host of chronic ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.


To prevent energy blockages from forming and heal those negative energies, many find peace, solace and healing in consistent, subtle body energy work. This mending and renewal can take dozens of different forms, but one expert simply describes it as Integrated Spiritual Alignment. Essentially, Integrated Spiritual Alignment focuses on bringing the spirit back into balance with your life’s path.


Here are a few of the most traditional or common healing practices you may find helpful in your quest for a more spiritually and emotionally fulfilling life. Some of these healing methods can be used in concert to amplify the effects and benefits.

Subtle Aromatherapy

Subtle Aromatherapy makes use of the vibrational frequencies of essential oils

This method makes use of the vibrational frequencies of essential oils. These frequencies interact with the body’s energy fields and centers, shifting those fields in a process referred to as persuasive resonance. In effect, these essential oils carry the life force of plants, and that life force is used to synergise with your subtle body’s own life force. This leads to healing, repair and balance of your aura and chakra energy centers.

This healing isn’t limited to our aura energy fields and chakra energy wheels though. Subtle aromatherapy and essential oils can also restore and innervate your psyche, emotions and physical body. These benefits are mostly due to the essential oils’ volatile compounds that affect the brain’s limbic system. Various systems in your body are spurred by the messages your brain received from the volatile compounds, including your endocrine and nervous systems.

Girl looking contented amongst flowers

On a more sensory level, subtle aromatherapy also aids our energy, spiritual and physical well-being with the beauty of their fragrances. Just as brilliant works of art or music stir our senses, essential oils fill us with positive emotions. They inspire, motivate, energise and exhilarate us. These affirming emotions can help harmonise your chakra energy centres and, ultimately, change your aura, emotions and spiritual outlook.


You might occasionally see this subtle aromatherapy method of healing referred to as flower essences. It operates on the same principles but limits the healing essential oils to those derived from flowers and blossoms of plants. These essential oils include:

Aura Cleansing

As you go through life, your aura energy fields collect negative “dirt”. This “dirt” is composed of lower, negative vibrations and various other non-harmonic energies that sap your strength and health.

Aura energy fields

You can cleanse your aura of negative energy in a variety of ways. One simple way is to meditate, which grounds you and allows your energy fields to release unwanted or unhelpful energies. There are aura meditations specifically for this, but a routine practice of any kind of meditation can have a beneficial effect.

Chakra Balancing

Within your aura energy fields, your chakra energy wheels collect, process and transmit energy. Ensuring that these energy centers are aligned, balanced and flowing harmoniously can help to heal your subtle body. Chakra balancing is most commonly achieved through a combination of meditation, yoga, and aromatherapy, but there are a variety of other methods, including reiki and pranic healing.

Yoga, along with meditation and aromatherapy can be used for chakra balancing

Yoga, spiritual healing, crystal healing, reiki, and acupuncture are also extremely useful in healing and restoring your subtle body’s energy. Aromatherapy can be used with most of these methods too, giving your life’s and spirit’s subtle body energy several pathways for cleansing and repair.

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