For millennia, healers and spiritual leaders have recognised that there is more to life than the physical body we inhabit. We are hopes, dreams, feelings, thoughts, and ideas. We quest for answers to how we connect to the infinite universe, spirit and a higher being.

The description and philosophy of how our physical being melds and connects to these higher ideas, energies, elements, and powers are embodied in the auric body system or aura. Your aura consists of a radiating field of vibrating energies, one of which is visible when using Kirlian photography. Those who have been trained to cleanse auras also can psychically see this and several other layers of energy emitting from the physical body.

Auric body system or aura

Your aura is made up of seven subtle bodies, sometimes called sheaths, layers or planes. Each sheath blends into the layer next to it, creating a cumulative blend. This construct is not like the layers of an onion wherein each layer exists separately. It is more like a gooey lasagna where each layer seeps into the layers around it. This means that the layer closest to the “bottom” or physical body is the densest because it contains parts of each of the layers above it.

To understand these sheaths, though, we’ll talk about each sheath separately so you have a better understanding of its role in your subtle body energy.

Just as with chakras, the three physical body planes that are closest to the physical body bring in and exude energies from the physical plane. The three outer layers transmit energies from the spiritual plane. The plane between the three lower physical body planes and the three outer spiritual body planes is the linking astral body.

Etheric or Vital Body

This plane is the closest to the physical body. It has the slowest vibrational speed of all the planes since the vibrational frequency increases with each subsequent layer. This plane is the life-sustaining energy of the body.

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Emotional Body

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This plane is associated with emotions and feelings. Your feelings are reflected in the color of this subtle body plane. While this plane can reveal itself with just about any color to represent our emotions, the hue will be muddy colored if you are experiencing emotional distress.

Mental Body

Your thoughts, confidence, and state of mind are represented in this layer of your aura. This sheath usually emits a yellow radiance that is most evident around the head. If you are thinking deeply, that light will shine brighter. If you’re thinking creatively, this plane may reveal your cognitive energy by emitting colored sparks.

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Astral Level

Metaphor for the astral plane

Bridging the physical with the spiritual, this layer transmits all the energy moving between the two planes. It is the gateway to the astral world, and it’s the site of nearly all of your healing energies. This is an emotional plane, reflecting a variety of colors. Kind, loving people often have pink or rosy light mixed in with this plane’s other colors. This plane can be heightened with meditation and aromatherapy oils like our Astral Travel Oil.

Etheric Template

Etheric Template

This plane is considered to be the original template of the lower body. In many ways, this layer is connected to the throat chakra, representing your identity and your personal truth. In fact, this aura can be healed by recognizing your true self and communicating that self-identity to the world. While this layer can be any colour, it is often a deep blue light.

Celestial or Visceral

This plane is enlightenment and awareness. It’s where you experience bliss and “nirvana”, with its connection to your Third Eye. The Celestial body is the energy of unconditional love. Its hue is an opalescent white with a gold-silver sheen.

Blue and gold mandala

Ketheric Template or Causal Body


This is the outermost aura with the highest vibrational frequency. It is connected to the Divine and psychic awareness. This pulsing golden plane contains the Kundalini energy that runs from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. It is where you can experience the feeling one with the universe or God.

Different techniques are used to stimulate each distinct plane, but meditation, chanting, yoga and other spiritually fulfilling activities are generally used. Aromatherapy oils can enhance each of these activities, and it can also be used alone to help activate various auras.

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