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Vanilla Essential Oil (absolute) Vanilla planifolia | Blended Valley

Vanilla Essential Oil (absolute) <br><em>Vanilla planifolia</em>


The sweet, alluring scent of vanilla is cherished and loved by the world. Most know it from its multiple culinary uses, frequently featured in desserts and considered the default flavor of sweet treats such as ice cream and cake. The use of vanilla in cooking has a long and storied history, trailing back hundreds of years. Before European contact in Mesoamerica, the native people were using vanilla beans to sweeten their cacao drinks for sacred religious ceremonies.

In spite of this widespread and cherished use in baking, vanilla is more than just a prized ingredient on the “Great British Bake Off.” Vanilla offers dozens of helpful and healthful advantages. It’s proven to combat diseases where inflammation is a major cause or symptom, and it’s a natural hormone balancer. Vanilla oil is also a helpful pain reliever and anxiety reliever in women. In many ways, vanilla oil a well-kept secret by the medicinal world.


Wellness Benefits

  • Boosts Libido. Vanilla evokes a passionate response for a number of reasons. The smell of vanilla oil stimulates the secretion of estrogen and testosterone, helping to alleviate impotence and erectile dysfunction. In addition, several studies have been conducted over the years examining what scents increase attraction for men and women. One of those studies found that older men found the scent of vanilla arousing.
  • PMT Symptoms. The same hormonal response to vanilla that benefits libido may also help relieve the symptoms of PMT. Many of the most troublesome effects of PMT are eased with better-balanced hormones, and vanilla seems to supply that regulating dose of estrogen.
  • Sedative. Vanilla is a slight sedative, helping to improve a number of conditions. Of course, it helps to relax you, but it is believed to also aid in decreasing blood pressure and reduce inflammation.
  • Antidepressant. Vanilla oil contains vanillin, a compound found to have a sedative and anti-depressant effect.


Cosmetic Uses

  • Perfume. Vanilla is a frequent component of commercial perfumes, often combined with earthier or muskier scents like patchouli, anise or “tobacco”.
  • Strengthen Hair. Vanilla is thought to strengthen hair follicles, creating healthy, lustrous hair.


Spiritual Uses

  • Good Luck. Vanilla attracts good luck and fortune. Add a drop of the oil to your wallet for prosperity or anoint a charm or crystal with the vanilla to attract good luck.
  • Crown Chakra. Use vanilla absolute oil to align your crown chakra with the comforting scent of vanilla.


Safety Information

If you plan on ingesting vanilla oil, make sure all ingredients in the oil are safe to eat. Even if the oil is edible, it can cause irritation to your stomach. Stop using if you experience that irritation. If your oil is not food-grade, do not ingest it. If you plan to use vanilla oil topically, dilute it in carrier oil first. If you have sensitive skin, test your tolerance for the oil on a small patch of skin first. Do not use oil that contains tonga bean, which contains a harmful chemical.

  • Botanical Name: Vanilla planifolia
  • Common Method of Extraction: Solvent or CO2 Extracted
  • Plant Part Typically Used: Seeds/Beans
  • Colour: Deep brown
  • Consistency: Thick
  • Perfumery Note: Base
  • Strength of Initial Aroma: Strong
  • Aromatic Description: Rich, warm, sweet vanilla aroma
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