Make Your Yoga Class A Success

Blended Valley aromatherapy oils have helped hundreds of yoga teachers around the world to gather their yoga tribes, to grow steadily and become trendy.

This Roadmap helps you to turn your yoga class into a place of inspiration and success, without going over budget or completely changing your teaching routine.

We focus on the one thing that yoga teachers often tell us that they struggle with in their business – difficulties to attract and retain the right kind of clients without a large advertising budget.

In our experience, advertising often fails because it relies on targeting a broad group of people instead of attracting the right students to your classes.

We’ve created a solution to address this problem – we call it The Inspirational and Successful Yoga Studio Roadmap – FROM LITTLE-KNOWN TO TRENDY WITHOUT A BIG BUDGET.

It is a very simple, but powerful tool.

To help you understand how to use it, we are going to show you an example based on one of our clients that we call Grace.


There are 3 steps to complete the Roadmap and to change your business habits.

Step 1

Whether in business or otherwise, habits often happen on autopilot, so step one is to become fully aware of these habits; and that gives us an opportunity to change it.

Improve Yoga Class

Grace was struggling with half empty yoga classes and high turnover. Each advertisement only brought a few random clients who didn’t commit to memberships.

Grace took the first step and acknowledged that she needed a new approach to her business and that she has the power to move forward.

Note that Grace didn’t judge herself for following the old business habits for too long, because awareness is simply about noticing.

To establish which business approach was not working for her, she looked at her expenditure and noticed that immediately after she spends on advertising, a few new people will walk in, but rarely commit to a membership. As soon as the advertising stopped, new people stopped coming through the door as well.

We suggested to Grace that instead of advertising to a broad crowd, she needs to cater for those who will enjoy her unique style of teaching.

Now she was on her way to finding her own niche without changing the teaching routine or increasing the budget.

Grace was ready for step 2.

Step 2

She decided to introduce something unique and authentic to her classes to make the students’ experience enjoyable and at the same time, feel professional, inspirational and successful.

Increase yoga class attendance with aromatherapy oilsBy adding aromatherapy oils to her routine she made her classes irresistible and memorable, increasing attendance and easily competing with other studios.

In small groups people always want to establish personal connections. Aromatherapy oils help people to relax and feel at ease with each other. By adding aromatherapy to her routine, Grace satisfied that need by offering classes with movement AND conversation.

Now students started to feel welcome, have a positive experience and began to come back. It became easy to convert walk-ins into memberships!

The word about Grace and her classes spread and she was able to cut advertising costs.

Grace found her tribe and was ready to move to the final part: to build a brand, grow her business steadily and gain financial freedom.

Step 3

While chatting to her clients, Grace keeps them motivated to learn something new and exciting each time. She now has a place to come to and feel part of something profound and transformational.

Increase and Retain Customers in Your Yoga Class

This is how The Inspirational and Successful Yoga Studio Roadmap works.

The Roadmap though, is only one tool in the broader free resources that Blended Valley provides for their customers – we offer articles and blog posts to help you keep your clients informed and interested.

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